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5 Eye Care Services You’ll Find at Bard Optical – Bard Optical

5 Eye Care Services You’ll Find at Bard Optical

Bard Eye Care Services

While it’s recommended that everyone see an optometrist for an eye exam at least once a year, many people neglect to do so. If that describes you, you may even be wondering ‘What does Bard Optical do?’ Sure, you know that Bard Optical has an extraordinary team of licensed optometrists and certified opticians and that you can get your eyes examined. But, Bard Optical actually offers several eye care services! In fact, when you visit Bard Optical, you can get everything you need to help maintain and improve your vision in one place!


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Here are some of the eye care services that Bard Optical provides to its patients. See anything you need? Stop into Bard Optical soon!


1. Comprehensive Vision Exams

Your vision is critical to your overall well-being. Poor eyesight can make reading, learning, driving, and everyday activities difficult. Eyes are sensitive and they need to be thoroughly examined by a trained professional at least once every year. Visit Bard Optical for your comprehensive eye exam and Bard’s team of optometrists will examine your vision, make recommendations, and prescribe what’s needed to maintain and improve. Eye exams can also reveal deeper health issues. As an optometrist examines your eyes, he or she can spot indicators that a visit to your general MD is in order. Comprehensive vision exams are a vital part of any health regimen.


2. Specialized Eyeglass Lenses

Glasses use high-powered eyeglass lenses to correct all types of vision impairment. No matter how you’re struggling with vision, there is an eyeglass lens that can likely correct it. With modern technology, glasses can be more effective than ever before. Bard Optical’s team can walk you through your options and set you up with eyeglass lenses that will amaze you! From anti-reflective to polycarbonate to progressive lenses, you’ll find something that can help you.


3. Designer Eyewear

After you’ve had your comprehensive vision exam and have a prescription, you can start thinking about designer eyewear. Bard Optical boasts one of the deepest and most diverse selections anywhere! Your favorite brands and their latest collections, all in one place. That’s one of the benefits to visiting Bard Optical – instead of driving from place to place for vision care and corrective accessories (like designer glasses), everything can be done at once.


4. Contact Lenses

If you choose designer glasses, but don’t envision wearing them around the clock, contacts may be for you. Even if you love your designer glasses (and with a certified opticians help, you will!), you may want the flexibility that having both contact lenses and glasses provides. There are several different kinds of contact lenses and Bard Optical’s team will help you select the kind that will fit you best! Different people have different preferences. What’s important, is that you find a type of contacts that you find comfortable.


5. Designer Sunglasses

While designer sunglasses can be viewed as a fashion accessory (and let’s face it, they are really cool), they’re also an important part of protecting your vision. The sun’s rays can do a number on your eyes and whenever you plan on being in the sun, it’s a good idea to wear a pair of sunglasses. Fortunately, Bard Optical carries the best brands and the hottest collections, so you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for.

Did you know that Bard Optical offered all of those eye care services? Well, now you do! When it’s time for your vision exam, come to Bard Optical. While you’re there, check out some eyeglass lenses, designer eyewear, contact lenses, and designer sunglasses. You can walk out with everything you need!


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