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5 Facts About the Best Optometrist in Sterling

Optometrist offering glasses

When you attach the word ‘best’ to something, it sets expectations high.

But, that should tell you something about the best optometrist in Sterling – Bard Optical is confident that they’ll meet and exceed your expectations during every visit. They have a team of eye doctors that are dedicated to serving the Sterling community and providing Vision For Life for every patient they see.

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Do you know what makes Bard Optical the best optometrist in Sterling? Here are a few facts to help paint the picture:

1. They Love Sterling!

Many pivotal manufacturing and steel companies have called Sterling ‘home,’ earning the city the nickname ‘The Hardware Capital of the World.’ Bard Optical is proud to be among the businesses that make up Sterling’s thriving community. Having a neighbor and community member as your eye doctor can make all the difference in comfort and experience.

2. They Are Highly Qualified

Bard Optical eye doctors would never brag, but they are carefully vetted as the most qualified optometrists in Sterling. Providing vision care is a delicate and nuanced skill and it takes the sharpest minds to evaluate and treat the human eye. Trust your vision with highly credentialed and qualified optometrists.

3. They Want to See Your Whole Family

During different life stages, vision care has different demands. The best optometrist in Sterling has experience treating patients of all ages. They see vision care as a lifelong process and relationship. For your family, that means that no matter the age, Bard Optical wants to be your eye doctor and has the necessary skills and experience.

4. They Want You to Receive the Vision Care You Need

Because of Bard Optical’s passion for its community, patients, and mission, they do everything it can to help those who need vision care. Don’t let a tight budget stand in the way of you and the eye care you need. Bard Optical has coupons, special promotions, and other ways for you to save money on your visit. They’ll work with you to help you afford care.

5. They Have the Designer Frames You’ve Been Looking For

Glasses don’t have to be a burden. They can be a fashion statement. Improving your vision can be fun with the right pair of designer frames. Luckily, Bard Optical has the designer glasses you’re looking for. Within the same building where you have your eye exam, you can work with Bard Optical opticians to find the right pair of glasses for you!

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