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5 Hottest Brands In Designer Glasses Today

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While some fashion is in the eye of the beholder, it is undeniable that these designer glasses brands are off-the-charts hot. We’re talking ‘Beyonce doing a concert, inside a volcano, located on the sun’ hot. While that scenario might be implausible and literally too-hot-to-handle, you can hold these brands in your hands today:

1. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is one of the top names in fashion. If you’re looking for designer frames that are understated, yet fashion-forward, you need to check out Calvin Klein eyewear. Calvin Klein frames are always sharp and help complete any look or outfit with style. You want a pair of designer glasses that you can fall in love with. Calvin Klein frames fit the bill.

2. Nike

Nike is synonymous with athletics and – in a broader sense – the will to push as hard as necessary to achieve your goals (‘Just Do It,’ you might say). Nike eyewear embodies that same tenacity. Year after year, Nike releases designer glasses that are stylish, practical, and flatter for just about everybody. Look over the latest collection of Nike glasses and you’ll be ready to own a pair in no time.

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3. Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban is essentially shorthand for ‘cool.’ From Wafarers to Aviators and everything in between, Ray-Ban has popularized styles that have become iconic in American pop culture. For a look that’s instantly recognizable and timelessly cool, you should look into Ray-Ban designer frames. You’ll feel it when you put your first pair on you’re making a statement.

4. Maui Jim

When it’s time to find shades to keep your eyes safe from the sun, Maui Jim is your go-to. Maui Jim is headquartered in Peoria but epitomizes the spirit of Hawaii. With unparalleled craftsmanship and customer service, Maui Jim sunglasses do more than look amazing. When you try on some Maui Jim frames, chances are, you’ll be transported to an island state of mind.

5. Oakley

While many people know Oakley as a sunglasses brand, they also have a full line of regular prescription designer glasses. Oakley has perfected the durable, sporty look that so many people love. But, they also have selections that rival any of the other fashion-first brands. Oakley continues to reinvent itself as a brand for everybody.

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