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5 New Year’s Resolutions to Make For Your Vision Health

New Year Resolution for Vision Health

Making a New Year’s Resolution is something that many of us have trouble sticking to. Whether we tell ourselves we’re going to exercise more, eat better, or read a book, it can sometimes get hard to follow through with the decision to change our lives. But what if the change you’re making is so small that you won’t even know you made it? And what if it helps to improve your health in a way other than just diet and exercise? We have five New Year’s Resolutions you can make that will improve your vision health!


1. Take Better Care of Your Contacts

One small thing you can do to help your eyes be healthier is to take care of your contact lenses. Changing the saline solution regularly prevents the buildup of harmful bacteria or other pathogens that can accumulate in the container. It’s also wise to always remove your contacts before going to sleep so that they can be properly cleaned and your eyes can rest overnight.


2. Schedule a Vision Exam

Vision exams should be completed once a year, and if you haven’t had yours in the last twelve months, it would be ideal to schedule one for yourself sometime in the near future. Getting regular vision exams ensures that your eyes remain healthy and that you aren’t in need of a prescription change. It can also help to detect underlying issues, so your eyes will thank you if you follow through with this one!


3. Spend Less Time on the Computer

Staring at a screen, whether it be TV, computer, or phone, for a long period of time can damage your eyes. It causes digital eye strain, which is something that can be easily avoided by taking regular breaks from the screen. Take time to complete your other resolutions, such as reading a book or cleaning the basement, that don’t require the use of electronics.


4. Wear Sunglasses Outside (especially in winter)

Having a pair of sunglasses in your car or bag is always handy, but keeping them on your face whenever you have to go outside is most ideal. Wearing sunglasses, especially in winter, can help to reduce the amount of damage your eyes take when exposed to direct sunlight. Not wearing protective eye gear can lead to problems later in life, so wearing sunglasses now is a good preventative measure to take for your eye health.


5. Clean Your Lenses Once a Day

Often times, those of us who wear glasses forget to clean the lenses, even if they don’t appear dirty. By cleaning your lenses on a daily basis, it helps to remove oils from the lenses that rub off from your skin. It will cause your eyes less strain when looking through these clean lenses, rather than blurry and dirty ones. Your eyes will be able to tell the difference, and your vision will improve!

With these simple resolutions in mind, it makes it much easier to truly follow through and make simple vision care a habit. While these may seem small and trivial, your eyes will thank you for the difference it truly makes with your vision health!


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