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5 Reasons Designer Frames Make Fantastic Holiday Gifts

Business woman wearing designer frames talking on her phone

The holidays are right around the corner.

This year, think outside the box, but inside the glasses case!

If you still have that hard-to-buy-for person on your holiday shopping list, look no further than Bard Optical. Give the gift of designer frames to a loved one.

After all, we’re guessing you’ve got at least one person on your list who fits one of the profiles below:

1. The Fashion-Minded Person

We all have that one friend who’s always in vogue, who delights in keeping up with the latest style trends.

Well, glasses are the fashion accessory of the moment.

Eyeglasses have shown up everywhere lately, including the red carpet. Never before have so many celebrities been getting into the eyewear game.

And with so many Hollywood folks setting trends, the fashion-forward people on your list will love a chance to update their style accordingly.

Designer frames are a great way to make a statement.

And it’s even better to have extra pairs for different looks and occasions. There’s nothing as fun as having many style choices to play around with.

Having an extra pair of frames means that they can go bright and bold, contemporary, traditional, trendy, understated, geek chic, professional, retro, or polished and sleek as the mood strikes them.


2. For The Active Person

We’re betting there’s someone on your list who’s into sports, the outdoors, or just being active.

Prescription sunglasses make an excellent gift.

Some people might skip the sunglasses when getting a new prescription, and yet they are sure to be appreciated.

Everyone likes to be able to see well without glare and squinting against the sun, and sunglasses are so stylish you can never have enough.

Besides prescription sunglasses, there are many other specialty lenses for different sports that Bard Optical can help you with—ski goggles, dive masks, swimming goggles, shooter’s glasses, and protective eyewear for various contact sports like basketball and soccer, as well as racquet sports such as tennis and handball.

Athletes’ performance is dependent on a clear and crisp vision.

Today’s prescription sports glasses ensure both safety and peak visual acuity.


3. The Person Who’s Always On Their Phone or Device

We all have that tech-savvy person on our shopping list.

While your first instinct may be to buy an electronic gift, consider instead something that will enhance all that tech in their life.

Skip the line and the high prices at the electronics store, and go for a pair of glasses that block blue light.

Any electronic screens, such as tablets, computers, TVs, and smartphones, emit light more strongly in the bluer part of the spectrum, and higher amounts of blue light have been shown to disrupt sleep patterns.

Read about the health effects in our blog article on blue light here.

Amber-tinted lenses counteract the incoming rays from the blue part of the spectrum.

It’s recommended that for healthy sleep patterns, we avoid electronics for a few hours before bedtime.

For that friend or family member that never puts their phone or tablet down, amber-tinted glasses will help maintain a strong circadian rhythm.

What better gift can you give than a better night’s sleep?


3. The Practical Person

There are some people that most appreciate a practical gift that they will use daily.

Or maybe you have a family member who would never think to buy something like new glasses for themselves unless strictly necessary, but you know they deserve to update their look every so often just like everybody else.

Perhaps their old glasses are scratched or bent, and they’re just “making do.”

For the practical person on your list, glasses are a great compromise: they’re something useful on a daily basis, but they are also a chance to give your loved one something brand new and stylish that they might not indulge in themselves.

And isn’t that exactly what makes a good gift?


4. The Person Who Already Has Everything

We’ve all heard it before: “I don’t want a thing” or “I don’t need any more stuff.”

Maybe they’re trying to downsize, maybe they’re just a minimalist to start with.

Whatever the reason, there’s inevitably someone in your life who insists they don’t want you to buy them a gift.

Most of the time, what’s underneath that message is they don’t need another knick-knack or fruitcake or tie, i.e., don’t spend money unnecessarily.

Yet you still want to bring them the holiday cheer of a well-chosen gift.

Designer frames fit this category perfectly. Why?

  • They won’t be taking up any more space in the house as a tchotchke would.
  • They don’t require care or upkeep
  • They don’t require assembly or instructions or batteries.
  • They won’t go bad after a month or spoil or not fit with a few extra holiday pounds.

The beauty of giving designer frames is that they are a gift that is both simple and elegant.

Give the gift of “Vision for Life” this holiday season with designer frames from Bard Optical.

Call or stop by to see how we can help you with the perfect gift for the special person on your list!