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5 Timeless Styles of Designer Glasses

Designer sunglasses

Some things never go out of style. These types of designer glasses, for example, have been hitting the scene forever and show no signs of slowing down. Stylish designer frames have staying power and if you haven’t experienced one of these styles for yourself, it’s time to stop into an eye care center in your town to try a pair on.

You’re sure to recognize the following styles from the description alone, but follow the link under each item for an iconic example.

Glasses are more than a vision correction device. They can be a defining fashion accessory – a means of separating yourself from the pack and letting your personality shine through. Throughout history, these styles have led the way:

1. Browline

Browline glasses are a larger umbrella category of glasses that refers to all frames with the ‘browline’ feature. Browline frames are defined by their thick, eyebrow-like, tops and minimalist bottoms. It mirrors the face and creates a striking appearance. A massively popular retro style, it was the chosen look for celebrities and public figures alike.

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Malcolm X wearing ‘Clubmaster’ browline glasses 

2. Wayfarers

The Wayfarer, popularized by Ray-Ban, is an iconic frame style that has been adored and imitated by many. Perhaps their most famous appearance was in ‘Risky Business.’ Tom Cruise (who also, coincidentally, appears in the next item on this list) wore them well and that’s all it took to further cement the Wayfarer as a style that would remain popular decades after the fact.

Tom Cruise in ‘Risky Business’ wearing Wayfarers

3. Aviators

It’s fitting that the most famous pair of Aviators appeared in a movie about aviation. ‘Top Gun’ is a cherished piece of cinema history and its fashion cues are still being taken today. It helps that Tom Cruise (him again!) was at the pinnacle of his leading man career and could have likely popularized a red clown nose. But, luckily for glasses-wearers everywhere, Cruise put Aviators on the map and their coolness has never worn off.

Tom Cruise in ‘Top Gun’ wearing Aviators

4. Round

Talk about iconic. Round glasses is obviously a broader term and comes in many different sub-styles. But, regardless of the specific type, it’s their striking shape that makes them unforgettable. Steve Jobs, John Lennon, Mahatma Gandhi, and Ozzie Osbourne are just a handful of celebrities who wore iconic round frames. It’s a daring choice – but it leaves a strong impression.

John Lennon in round glasses 

5. Cat Eye

Cat Eyeglasses are a timeless classic that’s both classy and sophisticated. Defined by their sharp oval shape, cat eye glasses resemble cat eyes (hence the name). Because of their unique shape, they stand out on the face and project a confident sense of style. In contrast to subtler choices, cat eye glasses make it clear that the wearer wants to be seen.


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