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5 Unexpected Benefits of a Comprehensive Eye Exam

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Having a comprehensive eye exam annually is recommended by most doctors to check up on your vision and eye health. It can help determine whether or not your vision has changed, and if you will be needing a prescription. However, having a comprehensive eye exam regularly has a few other benefits! Here are five of the advantages of getting your eyes examined.

Determine color blindness

Part of every comprehensive eye exam is a short colorblindness test. While this test is a basic component of the exam, this is still something that can affect us at any age. It’s most common for children to show the signs of being colorblind since the disease is predominantly genetic. However, certain diseases or damage to our eyes can alter our ability to see color which may only occur as we age, making this a surprising positive to getting our eyes examined!

Provide insight about overall health

Our eyes can tell us a lot about our overall health, which not many of us realize. But truthfully, our eyes can be one of the first parts of our bodies to show symptoms of certain illnesses or diseases. Getting them examined regularly can help to diagnose certain problems that would otherwise remain undetected.

Gather information about internal eye structure health

When your optometrist shines light into your eyes, he or she doesn’t do it to blind you—the purpose is to examine the internal structure of your eye! By doing this, they can determine if your optic nerve, retina, corneas, and other structures are healthy. If they sense a problem or abnormality, they will perform other tests to ensure the issue is treated or assessed correctly.

Test for glaucoma and cataracts

Another component of an eye exam is to test for certain eye diseases, such as glaucoma and cataracts. While these are problems that most commonly affect those above the age of 40, it’s still beneficial to check for them early. This ensures that they be treated immediately and do not become a burden for the patient.

Search for larger health problems

Our eyes are very sensitive, and they often show signs of certain illnesses/conditions before they become apparent elsewhere. By having a comprehensive eye exam, your optometrist may be able to determine if you are at risk for diseases such as diabetes. It can also determine if you have conditions such as brain tumors, or if you have suffered an impairment after a stroke.

While many of these are routine portions of the eye exam, it’s helpful to understand that they have more purpose to our health than we thought. This should prove to be an incentive to get your eyes examined on time each year!


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