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5 Unusual Sights to See in Illinois

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Next time you get your eyes examined, remember what having sight is all about. It’s a privilege to be able to experience the natural world around us, so we might as well enjoy it! In Illinois in particular, there’s plenty of beautiful and unusual things to see after your visit to your local Bard Optical. Here are five of our top suggestions of unique landmarks and locations around the state! Make sure your eyes are ready for these unusual sights to see in Illinois:


Champaign’s Japan House

The Japan House is located just off campus from the University of Illinois. The Japan House was built with Japanese architecture and style in mind to provide a rich cultural experience for those who visit. Events are hosted frequently at the location, so it’s a wonderful place to visit with friends and family. And if you don’t want to partake in an event, that’s alright! Visiting the gardens and the house is a wonderful and unique experience in itself!


Washington’s historical town square

Being a small town, not many people take the time to stop in to see the charm and character within Washington, IL. However, the historical roots of the town make it an unusually distinct attraction. The town square is filled with buildings and shops built far over a century ago. Much of the original architecture and inlaid wood is still intact, making it rustic. Antique shops and old-time candy stores are among the attractions, making it an entertaining adventure for the whole family.


Peoria’s Tricentennial Tree

For non-Peorians, the Tricentennial Tree is a wonder that can’t be found in other places. The tree, and old Oak on High Street, are over 300 years old. It has been around since before the inception of the United States of America. The location is ideal since it’s also located near some of Peoria’s other historical and visually pleasing locations. The tree is a beautiful specimen and one that is great for picture taking. Good luck trying to fit the entire thing in one frame!


Pontiac’s Old Route 66 History Museum

Route 66 was among one of the first highways across the United States but has since been decommissioned. Pontiac is the home of the museum dedicated to all things Route 66. The attraction is unique because it strives to preserve the memory of one of America’s greatest highways and its significance. It’s a family-friendly atmosphere, and definitely something you don’t want to miss out on!


Springfield’s home of Abraham Lincoln and tomb

Springfield is the residence of former US President Abraham Lincoln, one who was greatly respected for his time. Today, we still honor his memory as the 16th president by keeping his former home in Springfield open for public visits. His burial site, which he shares with his wife and sons, is also open for viewing. While this is a major state attraction, it’s still something unique to Illinois!


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