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5 Ways Allergies Can Affect Your Eyes

Dandelion puffs causing allergic reactions

Allergy season is coming right back up, with trees and flowers in full bloom because of the warm weather that’s been gracing the U.S. these last few weeks. Even if it’s not totally warm yet, the pollen is still going to come out and your allergies will flare up. This can mean issues with your lungs and nose, but what about your eyes? They are affected by the change in the seasons just as much as the rest of your body.

Here are five of the side effects allergy season can have on your eyes!

1. Itchiness

When pollen is blowing all around, it’s bound to cause some irritation to your eyes. While you have the reflex to cough or scratch when you feel irritation elsewhere on your body, there’s nothing much you can do when it comes to itchy eyes. You can apply eye drops and see if those reduce the itchiness, but it may require you to take some allergy medication to reduce symptoms.

2. Redness

With irritation and itchiness comes redness, a side effect of allergy season that is even less pleasant than simply needing to clear your eye of irritants. With redness in the eyes, it means they have already been irritated in some way, and therefore, the blood vessels have become more sensitive. There are special eye drops made to reduce the visibility of redness, or there are traditional allergy medications that can help to reduce symptoms at the root cause.

3. Swelling

If your eyes are particularly sensitive, the tissues surrounding your eyes may become swollen in the event your eyes are horribly irritated. Allergies can cause your skin to become this way in different areas of the body, which is why the eyes can become puffy and your skin may feel congested. It may be in your best interest to stay inside, if possible, and change the filters of your ventilation system to clear out any debris that may exacerbate the issue.

4. Watering

In an attempt to clear out pollen and other irritants, our eyes tend to water as a defense mechanism. This is their way of flushing out potential debris before it has the chance to irritate the tissues. This can become quite annoying, as it often makes the eyes look red and/or puffy after a while. Keeping your eyes moist throughout the day can help to reduce this and therefore lessen the other symptoms.

5. Poor Vision

When your eyes are bombarded with irritants left and right, your vision can have a hard time keeping up. Wearing contacts can be especially irritating because it requires direct contact with the eyes. Excessive blinking and cleansing of the surface of the eye can help to clear up vision temporarily, but the best solution is to medicate for your seasonal allergies and reduce the amount of contact you have with your eyes so they do not become overly irritated again.

With allergy season flaring back up again, keep these tips in mind to protect your eyes.

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