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5 Ways Bard Optical’s Staff Works Together to Provide Advanced Eye Care

Text: temwork makes the dreamwork

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Bard Optical’s dream is to provide ‘Vision For Life’ for each and every patient that comes through the door. But, that dream relies on a team of dedicated professionals who all work together to make it a reality.

How does it work? Find out:

1. Leadership

Every team has leaders that set the tone and unify its members. Bard’s Leadership Team is headed up by Diana Hall – who purchased Bard Optical in 1981 and grew the single-office company into the vision care leader it is today! Diana is passionate about providing top-notch vision care to all of Bard Optical’s patients. That passion is contagious and is a common theme in every Bard Optical office. The rest of the leadership team, including Vice President Mick Hall, shares Diana’s passion. That unified front has a positive effect on the entire company – ensuring that Bard Optical is providing advanced eye care to all.

2. Marketing

The marketing team gets the word out about Bard Optical. That includes everything from the blog you’re reading to events that bring the communities Bard cares about together. Marketing makes sure that those in the communities that Bard Optical serves know where they can find the best vision care, eyewear selection, and service anywhere in the nation! Marketing delivers the message that the Leadership Team establishes. They also help come up with new messages that best capture what Bard Optical can offer its community. Marketing knows that the most advanced eye care comes from Bard Optical and they’re dedicated to making sure that prospective patients know it too.

3. Optometrists

Bard Optical boasts the best optometrists in each community it’s in. As part of Bard Optical’s mission to provide ‘Vision For Life’ for patients, Bard Optical seeks out eye doctors who are supremely qualified and experienced in improving and preserving vision for all ages. When you go to Bard Optical, you can rest easy knowing that the optometrists under the Bard Optical banner have every credential you could be looking for. As part of the Bard Optical team, providing advanced eye care is their primary focus. Optometrists work together with the Leadership Team and Marketing to deliver on the promise and mission of Bard Optical.

4. Opticians

After a patient receives fantastic vision care from a Bard Optical optometrist, the optician team takes over. If you have a prescription for glasses or contacts, an optician will help you find the right eyewear for you. Bard Optical wants patients that are happy in the office and out, so they have a team of qualified and dedicated opticians that will find you contacts or designer glasses that you LOVE. Bard Optical’s opticians form a cohesive team with the Optometrist Team, taking what the doctor has prescribed and turning it into an easy and fun experience! With Bard Optical opticians guiding you through the process, vision care is a breeze!

5. Support

The glue of the team, Bard Optical’s support staff includes receptionists, administrative staff, and other team members in charge of the logistics that keep the office humming. For the Leadership Team, Marketing Team, Optometrist Team, and Optician Team, the Support Team is invaluable! For Bard Optical patients, support staff helps direct inquiries, set appointments, and navigate the vision care process. Advanced eye care is a team effort and the support staff makes sure that every part is moving in the right direction. ‘Vision For Life’ is a lofty dream. But, with Bard Optical’s teamwork, it is a reality for thousands of happy patients.

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