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6 Daily Things to Do For Better Eye Health Care

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While it’s important to see your eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam at least once per year, there are things you can do every day to boost your eye health care. Taking care of your eyes day-in and day-out is a great way to help protect your vision over the long term. Vision care is a lifelong process. Finding a skilled optometrist in your town will go a long way toward improving and maintaining your eyesight. But, there are many things you can do right this second, too.

Remember these 6 things each day and your eyes will thank you:

1. Protect Your Eyes

Your eyes are delicate. It’s true. While it can seem inconvenient, your eyes need to be protected every day. When you’re outside in the sun, wear sunglasses. Eyes can not only be damaged by the sun, but it also contributes to dryness and strain. For contact sports or manual labor, it’s often imperative to wear goggles or other protective gear. Keep protecting your eyes top of mind every day.

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2. Follow Directions

That’s good life advice in general. But for eyes, it can be especially important. When wearing contacts, using eye drops, or applying makeup, there are important directions that can help protect your eyes from damage or injury (or simply irritation). It can be tedious to read directions – but your eyes depend on it. Disregarding directions can cause avoidable problems and put your vision in jeopardy.

3. Take Screen Breaks

Do you work on a computer all day? Statistically, it’s pretty likely you do. If that’s the case (or you work a job where you’re looking at any kind of screen all day), it’s important to give your eyes a rest. This can be as easy as turning and looking at something in the distance periodically or going for a walk outside to break up the time your eyes spend glued to the screen. You’ll notice the difference.

4. Eat Smarter

This could have been ‘Eat Better.’ But, honestly, piles of cheese fries are the best. This is more about nutrition. Try to add color to your plate when eating. Dark leafy greens and bright orange citrus fruits (plus carrots!) are believed to help eyes stay healthy. Eat foods packed with vitamins and minerals. As an added bonus, this tip is good for the whole body.

5. Sleep More

Sleep is the secret to better health, sitting in plain sight. Being disciplined about getting enough sleep will improve your overall health. But, you’ll notice it in your vision. You’ll see more clearly, your eyes will be less heavy, and they’ll look better – less red, less puffy, less angry. Sleep is what your eyes need. Put your eyes to bed earlier.

6. Seriously, Put Screens Away

It’s already been said, but it bears repeating: put the screens away. That includes your smartphone. Blue light from your phone has a negative effect on sleep patterns and your smartphone use cuts into the hours you could be sleeping. More than that, your eyes are already screen-exhausted. Bringing your phone to bed strains them even further and robs them of their time off.

Treat your eyes with kindness by doing the above 6 things every day. That, coupled with a strong patient-doctor relationship with a local optometrist, and your eyes will be in good shape.


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