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6 Family Eye Care Tips for the Summer

Mom Wearing Sunglasses on a Bright Sunny Day

There’s nothing better than summer! But, your eyes are at risk.

While it’s a great feeling to see the sun in the sky, the bright sun (and other summer staples) pose a significant risk to your eyesight. By being aware of what to watch out for, you can protect your vision and enjoy the summer months.

Take a look at these 6 family eye care tips so you’re prepared to protect your family’s vision this summer:

1. Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a great way to boost your appearance. More importantly, sunglasses should always be worn whenever you’re outside in the summer. Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and keep them safe from damage. Whenever sitting outside, driving, or doing outdoor activities, sunglasses should be worn at all times. Luckily, sunglasses tend to look good and will be something you want to wear. In fact, even if they weren’t so beneficial in protecting you and your family’s eyes during the summer, we bet you’d still want them.

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2. Wear a Hat

While not nearly as desirable or cool as shades, wearing a hat is an underrated part of family eye care for the summer. Even if you’re not sure you look good in a hat, you’re smart for wearing one. Hats help deflect sunlight and keep your eyes safe. The sun can be tricky. Even on overcast summer days, UV rays are still a threat. Wearing a hat outdoors can help protect your sensitive facial features (ears, nose, lips) from sunburn and can keep your eyes from becoming damaged. Working with sunglasses, a summer hat plays a big role in protecting your family’s vision.

3. Spend Time Indoors

“Sacrilege!” (you may have yelled at your computer or smartphone). Understandable, but taking a break from being outdoors can do your eyes a world of good. Being outdoors is fun, but your eyes need a break. Just as you’d take a break from staring at a screen, you should take a break from sunlight. Read a book, do a puzzle, or cook a meal before going back outside. Your eyes will feel better and you’ll be more energized when you do head back outdoors!

4. Practice Eye Care Basics

With the weather changes in summer, it remains highly important to practice good general eye care. First, stay hyrdrated. In the summer sun, your eyes and skin can dry out. Making sure you are drinking enough water (and making sure the kids are too) is a great way to stay healthy. Second, keep your eyes moisturized. If they do dry out, use eye drops to wet them and keep them feeling right. Third, follow instructions on all sunscreens, makeup, and contact lenses. Don’t let things get into your eyes that shouldn’t be there and take out and store your contact lenses as instructed.

5. Be Careful of Flying Objects

It sounds like slapstick comedy, but it’s a very serious thing to watch out for in the summer. If your kids play sports, make sure they have any necessary eye protection. Over the Fourth of July, practice good firework safety and talk to your kids beforehand about what the expectations are and how they can protect themselves and their eyes. Summer has many great activities, but there’s also more action. More action = higher risk of a flying object colliding with an eye. Being aware and careful is the best defense.

6. Do Not Look Directly at the Sun

Obviously, this is more directed at the younger members of your family. As an adult, you know not to look at the sun. But, do your kids? Kids are nothing if not curious, but trying to stare at the sun on a dare (or to break boredom) can damage eyes. Plus, it’s rude to stare. Even the sun hopes everyone will only glance its way occasionally. Remind your kids about the dangers of direct sunlight and educate them on why it’s important to protect their eyes during the summer.

Follow the above family eye care tips and have a wonderful (and eye-friendly) summer!


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