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6 Reasons to Visit Your Vision Center

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When is the right time to visit your local vision center? There are several valid answers to that question. In truth, there’s no wrong time to visit your optometrist (except when the office is closed, of course). Your vision is of utmost importance and your optometrist wants to help you maintain and improve your eyesight throughout your life. That requires regular comprehensive vision exams and corrective measures when needed.

Here are 6 reasons you should visit your local vision center:

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1. For Your Annual Vision Exam

Regular vision exams should be a staple of your healthcare routine. A healthy vision is critical to your everyday life and that makes an annual exam paramount. During your annual comprehensive eye exam, your optometrist can test your visual acuity, test for colorblindness, and screen for all kinds of eye diseases.

2. For Your Overall Health

In addition to vision-specific or eye-specific health issues, a trip to your vision center and a comprehensive eye exam can reveal deeper health problems. For example, by examining your eyes, your optometrist may be able to detect signs of diabetes. If that’s the case, he or she can refer you for further testing.

3. For a New Pair of Glasses

If you already regularly see your optometrist and wear glasses (or contacts), you can visit your eye doctor for a new pair of glasses! The purpose of glasses is to correct vision, but they’re more than a medical tool. They’re a fashion statement! Don’t hesitate to switch up your prescription glasses when you need a change in style.

4. To Pick Up Contact Lenses

If glasses aren’t your thing, you can also order and pick up contact lenses at your eye doctor’s office. Contacts are a great alternative to glasses for those who want more flexibility in their vision correction. They can be easier to wear during athletics and to some people, are less cumbersome during the day.

5. To Learn About Your Options

There are many options for improving and maintaining your vision. if you’re having issues with vision and want to know what your options are, your local vision center is the place to go. Your optometrist wants to answer questions and wants the best outcome for your vision.

6. For ‘Vision For Life’

‘Vision For Life’ isn’t found everywhere. But, it can be found at Bard Optical. So, if your vision center is Bard Optical, you’re in the right place. ‘Vision For Life’ means lifelong eyecare and a community-first relationship, where you’re not just a patient – you’re a friend and neighbor. Caring for your vision is the highest priority.


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