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6 Things to Consider When Picking Out Designer Glasses

Picking Out Designer Glasses

It’s the moment after your comprehensive eye exam and the verdict is in: you need glasses. The twist? That can be a GREAT thing! In the past, glasses have been depicted as a burden, or, even more troubling, as a sign that the wearer is *gasp* “uncool.” Today, things couldn’t be more different. Designer glasses are now a hallmark of style, with most of the world’s hottest brands getting in on the action. A wardrobe staple of politicians, late-night TV hosts, pro athletes, celebrities, musicians, and more, designer frames are sought after. While it’s never fun to find out that your eyes need help, that help can be a blessing in disguise.


If you find that you need glasses, consider the following 6 things when you (and a certified optician) are exploring your options:


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1. Style

Designer glasses come in a variety of styles. From timeless classics to avant-garde types, you can find frames in whatever style best fits you! Describe your personal style to your optician and they’ll be able to show you a number of options that gel with what you’re already rockin’! If your style is understated, opt for glasses that are muted and inconspicuous. If you live out loud, get glasses that are as bold as you are!


2. Size

Along with style, you’ll need to consider the size and shape of your frames. Depending on your face shape, haircut, and personal preference, you might find that a certain shape or size works better than others. Try on several pairs with your optician and get a feel for what you’re most comfortable wearing. Your glasses will be worn often – make sure you choose something that you’re excited to put on!


3. Color

While you’re choosing a size and shape, keep color in mind. The color of your frames can have a dramatic effect on how they look. Choose a color that works with your hair color, eye color, and skin tone. Also, keep in mind the color of your favorite clothes – will they look good alongside your new glasses? Ask your optician for recommendations and try a few different colors to see what you like best.


4. Brand

There’s no shortage of incredible brands to choose from! What is your favorite? Each brand has its own signature look and it’s important to find the brand that best represents you! Fortunately, you’ll have plenty to choose from. With the help of your optician, you can try several brands out and see what line catches your eye and which frames are your favorite. Remember: newlines are coming out all the time!


5. Cost

Of course, the cost has to be kept in mind. It’s best if you can find an eye care center that wants you to save money. Designer glasses don’t have to be too expensive. Work with your optician and explore your options for saving money. Find out if there are any deals you can take advantage of or any coupons you can use. Also, ask about which lines are more and less expensive and why.


6. Statement

Your glasses are going to make a statement! Make sure that the statement you’re making is the one you want to make. Getting glasses can be a wonderful thing! It’s a chance to add a fashion-forward accessory to your everyday look. Find glasses that strike you – something that grabs your attention and says ‘that’s ME.’ With the help of your optician, you can find that pair of frames that you’ll be anxious to put on each morning.


Consider the above when choosing designer glasses and you’ll find a pair you’ll fall in love with! Getting glasses is a great thing! They’ll improve your vision and they’ll look awesome doing it!


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