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6 Work Habits That May Cause Eye Strain

Do you get home from work feeling worse for the wear? Maybe you’ve developed a headache over your busy day, or you can’t help but feel a pressure in your eyes. Perhaps they’ve turned a grueling pinkish color, irritated and sore. Maybe you even feel like you’ve got sand in them – even though you haven’t seen a beach in months (or longer!) and you’re suddenly yearning for that long-awaited vacation.
Relief may be closer than you think!
Eye strain affects an estimated 65% of adults, according to The Vision Council. More than likely, your current job demands the use of a computer in one way or another. So how can you avoid this plague of Computer Vision Syndrome? (yes! It’s such a prevalent problem we’ve got a name for it!)
Read on to discover what may be causing your eye strain after a long day at the office, and what you can do to avoid it.
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Some simple changes in lighting, posture, or even just taking a quality break from the computer can vastly improve your symptoms related to eye strain.

If you think it will take more than that, don’t hesitate to visit your eye doctor and discuss modern lenses that may help. Did you know there are special lenses for computer-related eye strain? One of our skilled opticians can provide you more information, and get you well on your way to healthy vision.