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7 Industries Where Eye Protection is Critical

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Your vision contributes greatly to your overall quality of life. That means that protecting your eyes is paramount in every situation. But, for some industries, the peril is greater and extra precautions need to be taken to ensure that your eyes stay safe.

Here are a few industries where eye protection should be a top priority:

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1. Office Work

While office work doesn’t appear to offer many hazards to your eyes, excessive screen time can seriously¬†strain your eyes and harm your vision over time. Most office workers spend their entire workdays in front of a computer screen and that frequently leads to Digital Eye Strain. To combat it, make sure that you take multiple breaks from your screen and focus your eyes on an object in the distance.

2. Automotive Repair

Repairing cars can lead to all types of airborne debris and other foreign objects that can threaten the eyes. If you work in a shop or are involved in machine repair of any kind, you must wear safety goggles or another type of protective eyewear. Those in repair industries need to preserve their eyesight and protect against the imminent and present dangers that are in their workplace.

3. Manufacturing

Manufacturing is another industry where projectiles are present. Metal, wood, dust, and other debris can enter your eyes and cause significant damage. In every instance, wear eye safety gear and make sure that you remain aware of your surroundings. Without protective eyewear, manufacturing is too dangerous to take on. If you’re in the manufacturing industry, take care of your vision.

4. Healthcare

Healthcare may not spring to mind as an industry where you would need protective eyewear, but it presents unique dangers to eyesight. For example, if you’re in a situation where bloodborne pathogens are present, that’s a grave danger and requires eye protection. Anytime blood or bodily fluids are present, your eyes need to be protected. That’s why you see protective eyewear in surgery.

5. Lab Work

‘Lab work’ covers many industries. Any work that’s done in a lab calls for protective eyewear. That includes the obvious dangers like chemicals and less-obvious dangers like labs that test blood. In either event, your eyes are at risk for exposure to splashes and mists of harmful materials. In every case, wear protective eyewear and make sure that your eyes aren’t at risk for exposure.

6. Construction

If you need a hard hat, you need eye protection gear. Construction sites are dangerous places and protecting your eyes should be one of your top priorities. Construction sites can be unpredictable and deal with metal, wood, concrete, and other materials that could find their way into your eyes. Your vision is critical to your work – protect your eyes when you’re on a construction site.

7. Professional Sports

Pro sports can be a flurry of knees, elbows, and eye pokes. That’s why players like Horace Grant were able to make eye protection a signature look. If you’re a professional athlete, be sure that you are wearing protective eye gear. With action that moves fast and continuous physicality, protecting your eyes becomes especially important.

Protect your eyes – no matter what industry you’re a part of. Your vision is precious and if your job poses a risk to your eyes, make sure that you have protection in place.


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