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A Quick Guide to Cleaning Your Eyeglasses

Clean pair of eyeglasses

Keeping your glasses clean and functional can be a real pain, but real damage can come from not having a proper cleaning procedure.

Most glasses wearers would agree that using your shirt tail to clean your glasses is the fastest way to clear your field of vision, but the hard truth is you that you might be hurting your lenses more than you know!

So do your glasses a favor, and follow this guide to clean your lenses without causing irreparable damage to them.


Use Water

Before washing your glasses with water, make sure that you have first used that water on yourself!

Make sure to always wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning your glasses so that no dirt residue transfers from your hands to the lenses.

This might seem like an unimportant step, but your lenses can be sensitive to all kinds of debris and the seemingly insignificant residue on your hands can contribute to a dirty lens.

Next, you should use that same water source to clear your lenses of all dirt and debris.

Make sure to use a gentle stream of lukewarm water on the lenses, as water of extreme temperatures can permanently damage certain types of glass and lens coatings.

Using water to clear debris is more beneficial than using a cloth because accidentally using the wrong material of cloth can scratch your lens and cause permanent damage.


Apply Beneficial Chemicals

The next thing you should do is apply a small amount of a lotion-free dishwashing liquid to each lens.

Make sure it is only a small amount, as dishwashing liquid is very concentrated and could damage your lenses if improperly used.

With the proper amount of liquid applied and a gentle cleaning to every part of the lens, this method can be extremely beneficial to getting your lenses spotless.


Carefully Rinse

After you have successfully lathered your lenses with dishwashing liquid, carefully and gently rinse both sides of each lens with that same lukewarm water until all of the soap is completely removed.

When the lenses are clear of all traces of soap, gently shake the lenses to remove the excess droplets of water and thoroughly dry the lens with a lint-free cloth, as to refrain from spreading lint or cloth residue on the lens.

Once the lenses are dry, and you have inspected them for optimal cleanliness, you’re done! Your lenses should be good as new.


Waterless Cleaning

There are several alternative solutions to get your glasses clean in a pinch.

The foremost tool that any glasses-wearer should keep on them is a micro-fiber cleaning cloth. These specially made cloths are adept at cleaning your lenses while trapping any harmful oils and debris that might leave residue after a normal cloth has cleaned the lens.

It is also beneficial to carry pre-moistened lens wipes, as they might remove harmful debris without scratching your lenses.

It may be prudent to keep a small kit of these cleaning supplies on hand while away from home, as you never know what hazardous conditions may arise and obstruct your vision.

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