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Avoid Photokeratitis: Shield Your Eyes From UV Exposure

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Occasionally, life will throw a terrifying fact at you. Did you know that some spiders can flyHow about that whales can be #foreveralone? Were you aware that your eyes can be sunburned? Yes, your EYES. Technically, the condition is called Photokeratitis, but its symptoms are exactly as if your eyes got sunburned. Think about how painful a bad sunburn is. Now, think about how sensitive eyes can be. Yikes, right? Yikes.

What can you do? While the jury is out on flying spiders and lonely whales, you can fight back against Photokeratitis by shielding your eyes from UV exposure. Below are a few things you should consider when trying to minimize UV exposure:

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Artificial UV Light

While tanning beds have seen brighter days, some people still insist on getting their artificial glow on. This is likely a mistake. UV light from artificial sources can still be damaging and that damage can definitely include your eyes. If you absolutely have to fake tan, make sure that your eyes are protected from UV exposure. Go for maximum coverage and try to limit the amount of damaging light that gets in. Walking away with sunburned eyes will certainly put a damper on your day.

Straight From The Sun

Sunshine is great! There are more than a few songs that celebrate time spent under its rays. But, the sun has a dark side. The sun emits strong UV rays and that can harm your skin and your eyes. When you spend time outside, make sure that your eyes are covered. Too much sun can result in burns and conditions like Photokeratitis. Your eyes are sensitive and your vision is too important to risk over prolonged sun exposure. Keep yourself safe from UV rays when you’re spending time outside.

Shade, Hats, and Sunglasses

Oh my! But, seriously, when you’re spending time in the sun, seek protection. You can spend time in the shade, wear a sun hat with a large brim, or wear sunglasses. That latter item is the most important. Sunglasses should be worn every time you’re in the sunlight. Make sure that your sunglasses are quality and actually offer UV protection. Some sunglasses might seem economical, but they don’t offer real protection and may end up doing more harm than good. Find legit frames and lenses and stay safe in the sun!

Don’t let your eyes get sunburned. Keep protection at the top of your mind when you encounter UV rays (whether artificial or straight from the sun). Wear eye protection whenever possible and mix it up by using a combination of shaded areas, headwear, and eyewear. Sunglasses are the best tool in the fight against UV exposure. Find a pair you love today and enjoy that sunshine!


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