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Looking for an Eye Doctor? Bard Optical Has 21 Central Illinois Locations – Bard Optical

Looking for an Eye Doctor? Bard Optical Has 21 Central Illinois Locations

Bard Optical Central Illinois Locations

Choosing where to go for vision care can be challenging. Where can you find the best optometrists? Where can you go for ‘Vision For Life’? Where can you find convenience and quality?


Good news: the answer to every question is the same. Bard Optical. Bard Optical has been serving Central Illinois for over 75 years. If you’re looking for an eye doctor, you can be confident that there’s a top option nearby. Bard Optical has locations all over Central Illinois – from Rock Island to Champaign, Galesburg to Springfield.


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Why choose Bard Optical?



While national eye care centers have the ‘brand names,’ are they truly a part of your community or are they just renting space there? Like all giant corporations, the big names are trying to cut costs and turn a profit, with little community investment. Bard Optical is different. Bard Optical isn’t just located in your community, Bard Optical is a part of your community. The team at Bard Optical works where you work and plays where you play. You’ll notice the difference when you walk through the door. From familiar faces to a neighborly welcome, Bard Optical sets itself apart.



Bard Optical optometrists are highly certified and have years of experience treating patients of all ages and backgrounds. When you visit Bard Optical, you can rest assured that the treatment you’ll receive will be of the highest quality. Not just anybody can join the team at Bard Optical. Bard Optical eye doctors are the best and prove it each day, in both the quality of care they offer and how they treat patients. Experience counts in vision care and Bard Optical’s team has it in spades. If you’re seeking experience you can rely on, you will find it at Bard Optical.


Vision For Life

Bard Optical understands that vision care is truly a lifelong process. Whether age 2 or 102, diligent eye care is imperative to your quality of life. Bard Optical’s team of optometrists and opticians understand this and want to go on that journey with you, building a strong patient-doctor relationship that you can count on. Bard Optical is a part of your community and the team at Bard Optical wants to be there in every stage of your life. As you grow older and your vision care needs change, your eye doctor will know you and you’ll have that important established report.


If you’re looking for an eye doctor, you’ve found it: Bard Optical. Offering community, experience, and ‘Vision For Life,’ that you won’t find anywhere else, find your location today and make an appointment.


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