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Bard Optical Has Eyeglass Lenses for Every Need


Many people think that all eyeglass lenses are equal. We just use them to see, and there isn’t much difference between your lenses and your grandmother’s bifocals. However, there’s a world of differences between each and every pair of lenses. They can be made of different material, have different properties, and perform different functions. At Bard Optical, we have all the lenses you’d ever need! Here’s a list of some of the choices we offer.

Progressive lenses

Progressive lenses are useful for those of us who need bifocals but don’t want to switch between two different sets of lenses. These lenses are constructed so that the lower portion of the lens has bifocal capabilities, and it seamlessly transitions to your normal prescription at the top. This allows the wearer to read items up close and then look up and still be at full vision.


Anti-reflective lenses

These lenses are good for those of us who routinely drive at night. They’re made from a lighter material, and with the anti-glare coating, it reduces the amount of glare from headlights and other light sources. It’s also useful in reducing the glare from screens as well, so if you work on a computer, these lenses would be ideal. The coating also makes them more water and grease resistant, so they are much easier to clean than traditional lenses.


Polarized lenses

Polarized lenses reduce glare from most reflective or shiny surfaces, such as on the roads, bodies of water, or blankets of snow. This makes it easier to see in intense light. These lenses are useful for those who spend a lot of time outdoors, since they do a great job of making colors more vibrant. They also reduce UVA/UVB rays so your eyes get more protection without having to wear sunglasses.


Polycarbonate lenses

Unlike plastic lenses, polycarbonate lenses are much stronger and nearly one-third thinner. If your prescription is hefty, these lenses would reduce the thickness of your lens and make them fit into nearly any frame you can choose from us. They are also fully protectant against UVA rays, making them ideal in that sense as well. Their lightweight and strong formula also makes them less prone to breaking, so if you play a sport (or are at risk for breaking tem easily), these lenses are perfect for you!

At Bard Optical, we know that every patient’s needs are different. We strive to cater to everyone, no matter what your lifestyle entails. That’s why we offer many choices in lenses (and frames!) at our offices. We want you to have the best lenses for you, not just the traditional ones. Ask about some of our options at your next visit so that you can have the best vision out there!

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