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Ready for New Glasses? Bard Optical Has Frames For Everyone

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Ready for a new look? Glasses can help with that.

Eyeglass frames are front and center in defining your look—your sense of style, the way you want to present yourself.

We all know the dramatic difference a new hairstyle can make. Hair can frame your features in a flattering way.

Glasses do even more; they frame your face! New frames are an update to your style that is both understated and dramatic.

Our specialists at Bard Optical have been helping people find their perfect look for seven decades. We can show you options that fit your features, your style, AND your budget.

Maybe you are considering new glasses for a more pragmatic reason. Prescriptions change over time. If your prescription is old, your optometrist may update the amount of correction you need. Why not update your frames at the same time?

There are more choices than ever before, and many of your favorite clothing brands and designers now offer their lines of eyeglass frames. Celebrities often drive trends in eyewear. If your favorite leading lady or leading man has been sporting a new look in eyewear, head to Bard Optical to try it out. Take a look in person to see how that style fits your features.

We want you to look your best, and we also want you to feel your best. Taking care of your eyes will have lifelong benefits. That means tailoring your prescription to the exact needs of your visual acuity.

It is a myth that going without glasses or using a lower level of corrective power can strengthen your eyes. This practice does not affect long-term visual acuity and can lead to headaches and other health issues, as well as missed opportunities to see the world around you.

Coping with outdated prescriptions can have serious negative consequences for your health. Corrective lenses are highly personalized to the exact shape of each patient’s eye for a reason. If you’ve been wearing the same glasses for a few years, it’s time to check in with your eye care professional to see if anything has changed.

This is true, especially for children and adolescents. Both the American Academies of Optometry and Ophthalmology recommend yearly visits to a health care provider who specializes in eyes, over and above office visits to your regular family doctor or general practitioner.

Many insurance plans allow you to have a new pair of glasses every year. Plus, a spare pair is always nice to have on hand in case of loss, or just to keep in a different place for easy access. Many people opt to have a pair of glasses for casual occasions and more formal ones.

Bard Optical is your one-stop shop for visiting the optometrist and the new frames themselves.  We invite you to come in to look around. Try on some new styles. See what’s flattering on you. We can put existing lenses in new frames if you simply want to update an outdated style of frames. Or bring in your prescription, and let us make a whole new pair of glasses for you. Either way, we’re happy to talk with you in person and help you find something you’re comfortable wearing on the face you show the world every day.

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