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Beautiful Sights To See in Galesburg

knox county courthouse in galesburg, illinois

Galesburg, IL is a historic railroad town with a rich past and beauty in every direction. Galesburg is the seat of Knox County and as such, is a hub of civic and community activity.

There are many reasons to make an appointment with an optometrist in Galesburg. One of those reasons is to protect and improve your vision so that you can experience Galesburg! Here are mandatory sights to see in Galesburg:

Knox County Courthouse

The picture above is just a sneak peek at the classic architecture of the Knox County Courthouse. Located on South Cherry Street, the courthouse is impressive to behold. With blurry or obstructed vision, it wouldn’t do the courthouse justice. Don’t miss a single detail of this amazing building. If it’s been a while since your last eye exam (or if you’ve never had one), schedule one today!

Carl Sandburg Birthplace

Carl Sandburg, renowned American poet and Pulitzer prize winner was born in Galesburg in 1878. Visitors can explore his home and many preserved and donated items of importance, today. For history buffs and poetry lovers alike, this is a can’t-miss attraction. Sharp vision is a must for picking up on the intricate details of Sandburg’s life and works. Plus, poetry is typically written in small lettering.

Galesburg Railroad Museum

Galesburg is known for its history in the railroad industry. That proud legacy is preserved and celebrated at the Galesburg Railroad Museum. Industry workers have donated hundreds of antique railroading items that comprise the museum’s many exhibits and displays. It’s fascinating to be able to look into the past and see the roots (and rails) of Galesburg. Struggling with your eyesight can ruin the experience of a museum. Don’t squint at history. See it.

Discovery Depot Children’s Museum

Children and adults will love the Discovery Depot Children’s Museum! The exhibits are educational and tons of fun for little ones. Not every city has a Children’s Museum and no other city has one that’s as entertaining and enlightening as the Discovery Depot. If your children are alerting you that they’re having trouble seeing or their eyes aren’t acting right, set an appointment with an optometrist soon.

There are so many beautiful sights to see in Galesburg! Don’t miss out on seeing them due to vision problems. Find a local optometrist that appreciates the sights in Galesburg like you do and get started!

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