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Best Places to See Fireworks in Champaign 2016

Fireworks in Champaign 2016

Summer is in full swing! If it feels like you just watched ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve,’ you’re not alone. But, believe it or not, we’re halfway through the year and about to celebrate our nation’s independence. If you’re in Champaign, you’re likely planning to attend the ‘Champaign County Freedom Celebration‘ near the University of Illinois.


Instead of pointing out smaller fireworks displays that will require some driving, we’re going to give you some tips on where to be to see fireworks in Champaign! We love the Champaign-Urbana community and we know you do too. See fireworks right in town and get the best view possible with our tips for 2016:


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Get Close to Lot E-14 (west of the State Farm Center)

Here’s the map from last year’s event (2015). It’s expected to be similar this year and will give you an idea of where to park and where to sit to get closest to the action. Depending on your group (small children, pets, older persons, etc.), you might choose to sit farther away from the launch point. Knowing where the fireworks will launch from allows you to pick out the perfect spot for your friends and family.


Find Higher Ground

This is a tip that sounds obvious, but many people don’t consider it until it’s too late. Especially in a big crowd, finding yourself in the back can mean watching partial fireworks over the shoulders of somebody else. When scoping out the area, try to get as high up as possible to guarantee yourself a clear view of the show. This is even more important if members of your party will want to sit down instead of standing (again, think small children and older persons). When you arrive to find a spot to watch the fireworks, keep height in mind. Find higher ground so that members of your group can choose to sit or stand during the display.


Plan Ahead, Arrive Early

Just as ‘practice makes perfect,’ so does planning. By planning ahead and arriving at the event early, you’ll secure the best place to watch fireworks in Champaign. Chances are, the entire Champaign-Urbana community will come out for the Freedom Celebration – make sure that you’re planning for large crowds and congestion. If you plan ahead and arrive early, you can find a spot on higher ground that’s close to the action. Finding a spot like that is a great way to ensure that you’ll have a clear view of the show!


With the 4th of July just around the corner, it’s never too early to start planning your¬†Independence Day outing. Using these tips, we hope that you’ll find the perfect place to watch fireworks in Champaign.


Happy 4th of July from Bard Optical! 

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