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Bifocal Glasses Versus Progressive Glasses

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You know you need glasses, but you don’t know what kind of glasses you need. Today, there are more options than ever and it can be overwhelming. Do you need bifocal glasses? What about glasses with progressive lenses? What fits your needs?

Fortunately, Bard Optical has a certified team of opticians ready to assist you in choosing the perfect pair of glasses for your eyes. While there is no substitute to walking through the process in person (along with a comprehensive eye exam), here is some information on the differences between bifocal glasses and progressive glasses that you will find helpful leading up to your appointment:

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Bifocal Lenses

As you may have heard, Benjamin Franklin is credited with inventing the bifocal glasses. Bifocals work like this: bifocal lenses have two separate corrective powers. It can vary, but typically, there is a clear delineation between the part of the lens correcting presbyopia (think reading glasses) and the lens correcting myopia/hyperopia (nearsightedness and farsightedness). The goal of bifocals is to correct multiple vision deficiencies at once. However, due to the small field of vision for the different parts of the lenses, bifocals can cause headaches and other undesirable side effects. For those who need the corrective power of bifocals, but don’t want the hassle, there is another way.

Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses rose up as an attractive alternative to bifocals. Progressive lenses – like bifocals – offer a full range of vision correction. They help remedy presbyopia, myopia, and hyperopia. But, in contrast to bifocals, Progressive Lenses have a built-in unnoticeable progression of lens strength. Instead of straining your eyes – as with bifocals – Progressive lenses provide the same effect, but with a seamless, smooth transition. Progressive lenses provide a clear and powerful view without harmful or irritating side effects. Consider Progressive lenses the evolution of the bifocal: all of the benefits, none of the drawbacks. For those who need them, Progressive lenses are a genuine game-changer.

With modern eyeglass lenses, there is a type of lens for everybody. During your next comprehensive eye exam, ask about which type is right for you. If you need the corrective powers of bifocal glasses, keep Progressive lenses in mind. They do the same thing, but much better. Having the right kind of lenses in your glasses makes all the difference.


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