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Cats in Glasses and More: 10 Cute Critters in Glasses

Tabby cat wearing oversized glasses

Has the weather this winter season been making you feel blue? It’s hard to stay positive in the cold weather, especially on gray and cloudy days. But fear not, here are TEN adorable pictures of animals in glasses to brighten your day! Get ready for cats in glasses and MORE:


THIS here kitty, along with the others on the site, all look like they’re ready to snuggle up with a good book! While not every cat is this cuddly, these sure seem to be. And with their glasses, they look smart!


If you’re not a cat person, you may enjoy THIS dog instead! Playing fetch may not be a top priority for them, but with a new pair of glasses, they’ll be able to hang out and go for a walk. Now they can see squirrels and birds from a further distance!


Even our tiny feathered friends could use some eyewear! This bird’s protective goggles ensure he’s ready for some fun. He’ll stay safe, no matter what mischief he and his friends get into.


If you’re looking for something even more adorable than a bird, check out THIS guinea pig! His frames may be a bit large for his face, but that’s alright. He’s still cute, and he looks official enough to be at the front desk of your library!


As for our barnyard friends, THIS little piggy wasn’t planning on going to the market. Instead, this piggy was more in the mood for reading the latest news out of the morning paper. He looks ready to sit at your kitchen table with your family and share some breakfast!


If you’re looking for a more rambunctious animal, THIS goat is just what you’d like! While he may not be running circles around your yard, he’d love to sit back and watch the clouds with you! He’s got the proper eye protection for it. You should pick up your sunglasses and join him for a while!


But suppose you’re more of a night person than a day person—fear not! This owl is always ready to stay up late with you! Even for creatures of the night, it can be difficult to see. He needs glasses to improve his night vision, and he’ll be able to keep you company while on the prowl.


If aquatic creatures are something you fancy, take a gander at THIS sea lion. Seals and sea lions, while similar, aren’t the same. This one happens to know it and wants to be unique by wearing his shades. He looks ready for a day out at sea!


Small animals can also be extremely cute in glasses, such as THIS bunny rabbit. Maybe it would be fun to get together and share a snack. Veggies and greens always make these fuzzballs happy!


And last but not least, THIS slithery snake friend of ours looks to be wearing some sunglasses too. They may not be real sunglasses, but they should help to protect his eyes. We could all take a page from his book and wear sunglasses more often, even if it’s just to look cool!

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