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Child Struggling in School? Consider an Eye Exam and Glasses

Child in school after eye exam

Children, especially younger children, struggle in school for a variety of reasons. At a young age, it’s difficult to identify what is holding a child back from the rest of his or her class. In recent years, more attention has been paid to ADHD and other learning issues. That’s positive – all options should be explored. But, one stone that’s left un-turned too often is vision. Each year, before school starts, every child should visit their optometrist.

Vision plays a huge role in the classroom and not being able to see well can make it nearly impossible for your child to follow along with the lesson plan. Whether it’s nearsightedness, farsightedness, or they’re color blind, it can be devastating to the learning process. If your child is struggling, start by considering an eye exam and glasses. Here are a few things to consider about your child and their eyesight during the school year:

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Depending on their age and communication skills, it can be unlikely that they’ll be able to adequately articulate why they’re struggling. While adults can pinpoint and communicate ‘I’m having trouble seeing clearly,’ a child may not be able to do the same. That’s why a visit to your local optometrist is so vital. An optometrist can identify clearly if vision is compromised and prescribe treatment to correct it. Your child may know that something is holding them back, but you’ll have to help them find out what that is.

Struggling to See

Not being able to adequately see can manifest itself in other ways, too. If your child can’t follow along with the class, that could make them more prone to distraction. Following the lesson may appear less appealing if they can’t see it. So, it follows, that they’d turn to doodling, looking out the window, or coming up with other ways to pass the time. Good vision is an important piece in engaging students. Without it, securing a child’s interest in a subject can be a taller task than some classrooms are ready for.

Visual Learning

“Roughly 80% of learning occurs through the visual system.” With a stat like that, it’s easier to see why sight matters. For kids in school, visual aids are the centerpiece of many lesson plans and a sure-fire way to keep kids engaged. If your child is missing out on 80% of the learning process, it’s no wonder why they’re falling behind. Making sure that your child can see in school should be a top priority every year.

If your child hasn’t seen an optometrist in the past year, they’re overdue. Set an appointment today and make sure that they have every chance to succeed in school. Vision matters. So does your child’s education.


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