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Contact Lens Problems? 5 Tips For Taking Care of Contacts

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Contact lenses may be helpful in improving ones’ vision, but can also be a bit of a hassle at times, especially if you’ve just been prescribed them. So, to keep everyone in the loop or maybe just jog your memory, here is a list of things to consider when you run into contact lens problems.

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1. Keep Things Clean

Water can be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to contact lens care. Before you even handle them, you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to mitigate potential irritants. Also make sure your contacts don’t get too much water on them, so that means safely store them before swimming or taking a shower. Do not rinse them or store them in water. Contact solution is the best way to rinse and store them to keep them fresh longer.

2. Lean on Professionals

If you believe your way of doing things, although not by the book, is easier than the instructions, you’re wrong. Contacts come with a set of guidelines to follow so that you will always have a clear vision. You should always use the contacts prescribes to you by a professional. You pay them to make sure you are using what’s best for your eyes so it’s only natural to take their advice at face value. If you still have doubts that maybe they didn’t give you an accurate prescription, then try to find a new, more reliable eye care specialist.

3. Store Lenses in Solution

Contact lens solution isn’t water and should be handled with care. Do not reuse old solutions, or add on to previously existing solutions in the lens case as this is a danger to your contacts. Don’t transfer the solution to a smaller travel-sized container. This affects the sterility of the solution and can cause eye infections. Make sure the bottle is clean and the tip is extra clean. Don’t let the bottle tip touch any surfaces and always wipe it carefully before use. If you haven’t used your lenses in a long time, check the instructions to see if you should disinfect them or not.

4. Follow Instructions, Fight Infection

Contact lenses have the potential to cause eye infection if instructions aren’t followed closely. Poor hygiene can cause problems, using extended-use lenses or using the same lenses for long periods of time can cause issues when the contact begins to dissolve, and your surrounding environment is important in keeping your eyes safe. If you decide to go hiking, bring some sunglasses just in case.

5. Watch Out For Common Dangers

Smoking causes problems for more than just your lungs. Studies indicate that smokers who wear contacts have many more problems than non-smokers. Beware of using decorative contacts that change your eye color, iris size, etc., as they can potentially lead to permanent damage. Get your eyes checked regularly through eye exams and if something seems off with your vision, take the contacts out and speak with your ophthalmologist about changing contacts.


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