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Cute Pictures of Cats with Glasses

Cat wearing round gold glasses

Cats are a distinguished lot.

What the uninitiated may see as ‘brooding,’ cat lovers know: they have artistic souls. So, what’s more, perfect than making them wear glasses on their little faces?! Cats appreciate style. Cats appreciate fashion. Cats appreciate eyecare.


Let’s take a look at some cute pictures of cats with glasses. Which cat is pulling off designer frames the best? Find out below:

Cat wearing round frame glasses

1. Round Frames Cat

Round Frames Cat is rocking that 1960s/1970s flower-child look in a pair of pale yellow frames. Reminiscent of John Lennon, you may think Round Frames Cat is a dreamer for trying to pull this look off, but he’s not the only one. Round Frames Cat is an avant-garde pioneer – empowering us ALL to make bolder choices with our eyewear.

Cat wearing sports glasses

2. Sporty Cat

Sporty Cat presumably enjoys a nice game of beach volleyball. Fierce. Sassy. Beyonce. These are all adjectives that apply to Sporty Cat. Opting for durable frames that work equally well lounging or going to a run, Sporty Cat is making her priorities known: a pair of frames that can do it all. Style and function come together to complete Sporty Cat’s iconic look.

Cat wearing silver glasses

3. Silver Shades Cat

Silver Shades Cat looks like he just marched out of the Matrix and onto the runway! Silver Shades Cat is ushering in a bright future. So bright, in fact, that Silver Shades Cat insists on wearing his dark sunglasses indoors and out. Silver Shades Cat is especially diligent about wearing his sunglasses outdoors, though. He knows how dangerous UV rays can be.

Cat wearing bodyguard glasses

4. Bodyguard Cat

Bodyguard Cat will NOT warn you again: this section is VIPs ONLY! Haha just kidding. Bodyguard Cat has selected designer frames that give off a tough-cat vibe – but only to offset his cute wittle nose and ears. Bodyguard Cat is showing that it’s a good idea to mix edgy styles into your repertoire. With the right pair of designer frames, you can achieve any look you choose!

Cat wearing professor glasses

5. Professor Cat

Professor Cat gets our vote for the best-looking cat in glasses. Professor Cat has an undeniable grace about her – flawlessly matching her frames to her fur. Her understated and professional choice in frames makes her jade eyes POP! We are indebted to you, Professor Cat, for showing us how designer frames can make the man, woman, or feline!

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