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What Makes Da Vinci Eyeglass Lenses Different?

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Da Vinci eyeglass lenses truly epitomize ‘Vision For Life.’ Like anything else, vision needs can vary depending on age. There are no one-size-fits-all eyeglass lenses. The Da Vinci lens series provides a premium solution for all ages. No matter the specific vision need or lifestage you’re in, there is a powerful and effective Da Vinci lens for you.

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Take a snapshot look at some of the available lenses and find out why Da Vinci eyeglass lenses are truly different:

Da Vinci Lens Series:

Da Vinci Edge

Combining unmatched clarity with wider fields of view, the Da Vinci Edge is a premium lens. The Edge features a range of corrective powers and is built thin and sleek. Both aesthetically pleasing and powerful, the Edge gives you its namesake exactly.

Da Vinci Apprentice

The Da Vinci Apprentice is well-equipped to comfortably defeat presbyopia. With a short progression length and an easily viewed ‘reading zone,’ the Da Vinci Apprentice pushes the limits of what reading glasses can be.

Da Vinci Pro

The Da Vinci Pro was designed with the office worker in mind. Providing superior performance at reading and mid-range distance, they are the perfect lenses for wearing around the workplace. Da Vinci Pro’s also feature BluTech lenses, a technology that limits the harm and strain caused by harsh light and electronics.

Da Vinci Driver Lenses

Da Vinci Driver Lenses are the ideal glasses for long-distance or frequent driving. From glare-elimination to a wide peripheral view, Da Vinci Driver Lenses are a safe and stylish choice for those who hit the open road often.

Da Vinci Progressives:

Da Vinci Classic

The Da Vinci Classic is a, well, classic Progressive lens. Backed with the quality expected from the Da Vinci line, Classics are a high-performance Progressive that is capable of helping to correct presbyopia, myopia, and hyperopia.

Da Vinci HD

The viewing range on the Da Vinci HD lenses is typically 40% greater than other Progressive lenses. Plus, the Da Vinci HD lenses are fully customizable. They are designed to fit you, in every respect.

Da Vinci Master

The Da Vinci Master builds on the groundwork set by the Classic and HD versions. Fully customized, the Da Vinci Master lenses are even tailored to visual priority – designed to address your exact vision correction needs. Comfortable, strong, and high-performing, the Master is a top-flight choice.

Modern eyeglass lenses are adaptable, versatile, and able to correct vision like never before. The Da Vinci Lens Series is a premium line of lenses, capable of correcting vision at any age and any stage of life. ‘Vision For Life’ is what Bard Optical is all about. That’s why they offer solutions that will deliver on that promise.


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