Finding Designer Frames That Fit Your Outfit and Haircut

Most things in life come down to fit. You and your significant other have to fit together. You and your career must be a good fit (same for you and your employer). You have to find friends that fit your lifestyle and personality. You need to find a neighborhood and home that have the right fit. When it comes to designer frames: fit is it. When you search for new designer glasses, you need a pair that fits you physically and also fits what you already have established. Namely, you need your frames to fit your outfit style and your haircut.

Below, you’ll find a breakdown of fitting your frames to what you’ve got going on:

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Your Outfit

What is your personal style? If you wear all black everything, for example, brown designer frames are likely going to look weird on you. Conversely, if you’re a fan of earth tones, beiges, tans, and off-whites, maybe a pair of tortoise or brown frames are right for you. Think about your wardrobe’s color palette and work with it. If you’re a fan of bright colors, there are frames that fit you. If you’re a fan of the understated and muted, there are frames that gel with your look. Think thick or thin, colorful or quiet. When choosing designer glasses, consider the shape, too. Would wayfarers look right with your style or out of place? What about round frames? Try them on when you’re looking to buy and make sure they fit your style.

Your Haircut

When someone first looks at you, they’re most likely going to notice your eyes and your haircut. If you have a personal hairstyle that is important to you, consider how that hairstyle will look paired with glasses. If you have longer bangs, consider the size of frames you want. Are you comfortable with your bangs hanging over the top of them? If not, perhaps a smaller pair is warranted. What about color? Do you color your hair? Do you plan to? If so, what hair color will you go for and will it fit the frames you have in mind? Because your glasses will be an immediately noticeable part of your appearance, make sure that they’ll look good with your hairstyle. You shouldn’t be forced to change your hair because of your glasses. They should work in harmony.


Who are you? Ok, that’s too daunting a question to answer out loud. In fact, it’s usually something you just know. So, when looking for designer frames, make sure that they fit the you that you have in mind. Glasses should be something you’re both comfortable wearing and excited to show off each day. Designer glasses come in so many styles, shapes, and colors, there’s no reason you can’t find a pair that speaks directly to your personality. Glasses range from the bold and daring to the understated and sleek. If you want your glasses to jump out at people, they can. If you need them to blend in and not draw too much attention, they can do that too. Just make sure that when you shop for designer frames, you find the pair that feels right.

The next time you shop for glasses, make sure that the pair you walk out with fits your wardrobe, fits your haircut, and fits YOU!