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Don’t Shoot Your Eye Out! 10 Fireworks Safety Tips

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Fireworks are magical! They’re a staple of summertime and a sign of celebration. But, fireworks can also be hazardous! When used improperly or unsafely, fireworks pose a great risk to your body and especially your eyes. So, if you’re planning to celebrate with fireworks this summer, please pay close attention to the 10 Fireworks Safety Tips below:

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1. Don’t Aim Fireworks at People

This one should sound obvious but needs to be said anyway. For teenagers or younger adults, it can feel like harmless fun to point a small firework at a friend. But, the consequences of doing so can be dire. Fireworks are fun, but they aren’t toys. Never point any projectile at another person. If you hit their eyes, it could cause irreparable damage.


DIY is all the rage now. Don’t let that trend hold, here. Only use fireworks that are manufactured by a professional. Attempting to make your own fireworks can lead to explosions and grave accidents. It’s always safety first when using fireworks. Your eyes are too important to risk on a DIY project gone awry.

3. Use Fireworks in a Clear Area

Before shooting off fireworks (no matter how small) make sure that the area around you is clear. Don’t shoot them near buildings, cars, or crowds of people. There’s always a chance that something travels in a direction you’re not expecting and it’s important to minimize risk as much as possible.

4. Don’t Try to Re-Light Fireworks

If your firework doesn’t light or doesn’t shoot off, do not attempt to re-light it. It may be a dud, but duds can still pose a threat. If a dud firework explodes unexpectedly, that can be a disaster. Instead of trying to re-light, dispose of the firework safely.

5. Wear Safety Glasses

Whenever you’re shooting off fireworks (or are near someone who is shooting off fireworks) it is important to wear safety eyewear. Find a sturdy pair of safety glasses and keep them on at all times when you’re near fireworks. Safety glasses are a line of defense against any kind of errant projectile. Protect your eyes! They’re too important to risk.

6. Keep Water Nearby

In the event that something goes wrong and fire or smoke comes into play, make sure that water is nearby and readily available. Water will help with safe disposal and it’s a great contingency plan for if something goes wrong during the launch.

7. Don’t Use Illegal Fireworks

Similar to DIY fireworks being dangerous, there are fireworks that are illegal to use because they’ve been deemed too dangerous to use by an authoritative body (like the state). If you’re in possession of or you’re around illegal fireworks, don’t use them. Report them to the fire department or police and stick to safer alternatives.

8. Read All Labels

Like any dangerous product, make sure that you read all labels before using fireworks. Labels will come with specific warnings, instructions for disposal, safety tips, and more. Fireworks can be fun in the right hands. Be in the right hands by being prudent about fireworks use.

9. Dispose of Fireworks Safely

Typically, disposing of fireworks will involve wetting them down and putting them in a metal container (away from any combustible or flammable materials). Make sure that you’re reading all labels on your fireworks for any specific instructions on disposal.

10. Stay Aware at All Times

Most of all, stay alert when you’re around fireworks. Keeping your awareness levels high will help you detect and prevent any impending danger. Protect your eyes. Protect yourself. Help protect others. Avoid mind-altering substances when using fireworks. You need all of your wits about you.

Keep these tips in mind and enjoy your next fireworks celebration!


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