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Find Glasses in Springfield at Bard Optical

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No city embodies ‘The Land of Lincoln’ like Springfield, Illinois. Packed with enough Lincoln history to make Honest Abe himself exclaim, ‘Even I didn’t know THAT about myself!’, it is an All-American city with a rich past and a bright future. But sometimes, a future is SO bright, you need sunglasses.


Luckily, for residents of Springfield and the surrounding area, sunglasses and regular glasses are not hard to find. You can find glasses in Springfield at Bard Optical.


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With two locations (one on Wabash Ave. and the newly opened Dirksen location), those in Springfield are never too far from the best selection of designer frames in Central Illinois. What do we mean by ‘best selection?’ Well, while most vision centers have a handful of glasses to choose from, it’s mostly out of obligation. There’s little in the way of cutting edge fashion or innovative lenses. When you visit Bard Optical, the difference can be seen immediately. There are walls of glasses and Bard Optical curates its selection to include the best brands under the sun.


This includes names like Ray-Ban, Calvin Klein, and Nike. Bard Optical even carries Shaquille O’Neil Eyewear, so you can rock the same look as The Diesel. No matter what style, collection, or brand you’re looking for, Bard Optical has it. That’s a huge benefit for patients and customers. Instead of going in for an annual eye exam and then searching in vain for the right designer glasses in Springfield, you can walk out of the examination room and start looking at frames immediately.


Designer glasses are a great way to make your mark in style. When some people first learn they need to wear glasses, their response is negative. They don’t think they’ll look good. They’re worried about looking foolish. Those people haven’t seen the selection of glasses at Bard Optical in Springfield. There is a perfect pair of glasses for everyone and with the right help – like Bard Optical’s trained staff of friendly opticians – that pair can be found in no time.


If you’re looking for glasses in Springfield, you’ve found the right place. Visit one of Bard Optical’s Springfield locations today and get your hands on a pair of designer glasses that you’ll love. With a selection as impressive as any in the state, you are sure to find what you’re looking for.


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