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9 Fireworks Safety Tips You Need to Follow in 2019


As summer turns the corner and grilling season takes full effect, most of us begin planning to take part in the age-old tradition of celebrating our freedom with fireworks!

But be careful! While even the smallest firework might look like a harmless toy, fireworks are dangerous if misused and should always be treated with reverence and caution.

Don’t let your fun evening become a trip to the emergency room.

Use these nine safety tips to help you keep everyone safe and happy this summer:


1. Always Have Adult Supervision

It’s easy to lose track of the little ones in a crowded party or a family get-together.

An adult should maintain a careful watch of children if they are directly handling fireworks.

And, yes, this includes sparklers—even the smallest fireworks could cause serious burns or even irreparable damage.


2. Don’t Allow Young Children to Light Fireworks

Going along with the previous tip, don’t allow young children to handle fireworks.

An adult should always have control of a young child while fireworks are present in the area to avoid accidental injuries to them.


3. Don’t Point Them Towards the Crowd

Any firework that is launched from a tube or similar container should be pointed towards the sky so that it detonates at a safe distance from the group.

Never point or launch a firework toward a person.


4. Back Up to a Safe Distance

Whether it launches into the sky, or simply explodes where it lays, fireworks can do serious damage if you’re still in the area when they go off.


5. Be Careful When Lighting

Don’t point a firework at yourself or place a hand over the firework when attempting to light it.

Small slip-ups like this are how accidental firework injuries happen!


6. Beware of Duds

Never re-light or pick up fireworks that haven’t detonated properly, as they could decide to explode in your hands and cause injury.


7. Don’t Deal With M-Class Fireworks

These high-octane and illegally produced fireworks have short and unpredictable fuses and can cause severe injury.


8. Make Sure Fireworks Are Legal In Your Area

Always check that fireworks are legal in your state and area before buying and lighting them.

Fireworks are outlawed in some states, and restricted in others, so make sure you read up on the laws of your specific area before spending the cash!


9. No Homemade Fireworks

Fireworks aficionados that understand the ins and outs of a firework may think they have finally cracked the code to the perfect firework, but even the most carefully hand-crafted fireworks lack one very important thing: quality control!

Don’t take the risk of sustaining an injury. Only use store-bought fireworks that have been thoroughly tested by professionals.

Summertime can bring good vibes with friends and family. But, oftentimes fireworks get overlooked or dismissed as simple playthings.

Instead, we should be cautious about how we use them!

Have fun this summer, but please be safe while doing so!

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