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Fox’s Empire: Cookie Lyon’s Most Outlandish Designer Frames

Cookie Lyon

Cookie Lyon doesn’t crumble. Cookie is the former drug-dealing hip-hop mogul on Fox’s ‘Empire.’ She is fierce, powerful, and NOT to be trifled with. Portrayed by the talented Taraji P. Henson, Cookie Lyon is a tour de force on your TV screen.

In addition to being a Boss character, Cookie Lyon is a fashion QUEEN!

She wears outfits most people would be afraid to even try to wear and she pulls them off FLAWLESSLY. Most impressive is her ability to make outlandish designer frames look amazing!

Throughout the show, Cookie Lyons has worn multiple pairs of incredible glasses that have turned heads and cemented her place as a fashion icon and an eyewear role model.

While some of Cookie’s frames are almost too outlandish (and maybe too expensive), she can serve as a template in your own search for designer glasses. We’ve linked to the glasses below so that you can find the look you’d like to emulate!

Here are our picks for the Top 3 wildest glasses Cookie Lyon has pulled off:

1. Versace #POPMEDUSA

Cookie rocked Versace #POPMEDUSA designer frames in Season 2, Episode 2. These are the kind of frames that announce your arrival. Thick and dark with gigantic gold emblems on each side, these glasses are not for the weak of style. If you’re wearing these, you’re a boss like Cookie. If Versace is out of your price range, it can serve as an inspiration for picking frames that define your own personal style. There are so many amazing brands and collections available for you to make your mark.

2. Dita Bluebird Two

Thin, gold, and BIG, the Dita Bluebird Two captures the magnificent taste of Cookie Lyon. Their gold color conveys sophistication and power, while their sleek frames convey a sense of subtlety – a nice contrast against the power of Cookie’s personality. If sleek and gold are in your wheelhouse, there are more affordable (and just as stylish) designer frames available near you!

3. Dita Heartbreaker

The Dita Heartbreaker is aptly named. 18K gold looks good on everybody and when Cookie put this pair on, it’s a safe bet that broken hearts and envy ran rampant. Cookie also wore these glasses in the second episode of Season 2. Cookie Lyons is no stranger to flaunting and her knack for wearing out multiple pairs of designer glasses that cost hundreds of dollars each is a clear message to her fans and haters. Find your own frames that will break hearts at a vision care center near you!

Clearly, there’s NO shame in Cookie Lyon’s fashion game. Are you ready to find frames that will turn heads and make a statement? With so many options to choose from, be sure to visit an eye care center with certified opticians that can help you make a selection you’ll love. Soon enough, you’ll have your own ‘Empire’.

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