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Healthy Vision Month

May means Healthy Vision Month! Simple changes every day can improve your eye health. Being armed with knowledge puts all of us in a stronger position to treat eye problems, and enjoy vision for life!


There are many debilitating eye conditions that can lead to blindness – a number of these don’t have symptoms. This is why it is crucial to get yearly dilated eye exams. A doctor can catch these conditions early on, when they are still treatable. While having a dilated eye exam isn’t necessarily needed for everyone, it is especially crucial depending on your age, health history, overall health, and why you’re visiting your doctor.


Regular exercise and nutritious foods are essential to eye health. A number of conditions that can worsen with unhealthy lifestyles, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, will negatively impact your eyes.


Some eye diseases are hereditary, so knowing your risk for certain ones can give you an advantage in treating them. If you know what to look for based on conditions fellow family members have faced, it will be easier for you and your kin moving forward.


Each day, about 2,000 US employees get a job-related eye injury that needs medical treatment. Every 13 minutes, American ER’s treat sports-related eye injuries. Knowing this, doesn’t it make sense to invest in eyewear protection? Wearing proper safety glasses or goggles for certain kinds of work or sports is a good choice.


Well this is a little obvious. If you know eyewear can help you, use it! Don’t let blurry vision go untreated. Wear up-to-date prescriptions for glasses and contacts. If you work at computers all day, consider getting special coatings on your lenses to help your eyes adjust to so much blue light coming from digital screens – even if you don’t normally wear glasses. This can significantly reduce eye strain. Know your facts about harmful UV rays, and wear quality sunglasses to protect your eyes year-round.