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How to Pick Designer Glasses That Will Complement Your Face

Art of multiple faces with different shaped glasses frames

There is no shortage of awesome looking designer glasses available. But, not every pair will flatter every face. How do you know which frames will complement your face? Use our tips to determine what you should be looking for and what you should be looking to avoid:

1. Square Face

Square faces have strong jaw lines and feature sharper angles.


Oval or round frames work best. Those shapes will add balance and help lessen the severity of the angles.


Try to avoid box-shaped frames. These will only accentuate the harsher angles and make your face shape more pronounced.

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2. Oval Face

Oval faces are marked by natural symmetry and balance.


Wider frames with a strong bridge will complement, but not disrupt an oval shaped face. Aim for a geometric shape.


Do not pick frames that are too big. They’re a risk to overwhelm your features and interrupt natural symmetry.

3. Round Face

Round faces have softened features, fuller cheeks, and are round.


Wide frames will complement your features. The wider the frame, the better chance it will balance out your face shape. Try to find rectangular frames.


Stay away from glasses that are too small, which will make your face appear larger. Also, avoid round frames, which will only highlight the roundness of your face.

4. Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face has a wider and larger forehead and a narrower chin.


Look for frames that can add width to the lower part of your face. This can include round or square frames with bottom-heavy features.


Conversely, you should avoid frames with top-heavy features. That will add to the width of the top of your face.

5. Diamond Face

A diamond face has a narrower forehead and a narrower chin.


Try cat eye glasses or oval frames to highlight your delicate features and high cheekbones.


Box-shaped frames that will draw undue attention to your narrower features.

Remember, there are other factors you should consider. For example: try to find frames in a color that complements your skin tone. Most importantly, select frames that you LOVE. When you like the way that you look, it’s contagious.


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