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Injuries to the Eye Can’t Be Ignored: What You Can Do

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You may think that a small irritation to your eye is no big deal. Maybe you’re having some minor scratching or pain when you blink or shut your eye. Generally, things like this have a simple answer, such as an eyelash stuck in your eye. However, what if your eye is still in pain for several days? Or if you take damage to the eye? How serious are injuries to the eye? Does this necessitate a trip to the doctor?

The answer is yes. Any pain, vision changes, or damage to the eye means that a doctor’s visit is in order. Sometimes, we may think that some pain in the eye is a result of eye strain, as we all spend a fair amount of time staring at screens. It can cause your eyes to become dry, or even manifest as a headache. This pain can be easily remedied, but if it persists, you should contact your optometrist right away. Eye pain can indicate other issues, so it’s best to rule them out as soon as possible.

Sudden vision changes can be the result of damage to the eyes. Suppose you accidentally hit yourself in the eye with something, a ball perhaps, while playing with your pet or child. This is common, and it has happened to all of us. However, if you notice your vision changing after this incident, you should see a doctor to ensure that the blow did not cause any damage. Blurry vision or double vision can indicate underlying issues, so having this checked out as soon as you can is in your eyes’ best interest.

Now let’s suppose you’re doing an at-home project, which involves you sawing up some wood. Wearing protective eye gear is a must, but it may not always be completely effective. Sawdust, in this case, can cause severe damage to the eyes. Even if you think this is minor, it is most definitely not. This is the sort of eye damage that requires a visit to an eye doctor to check your eyes for dust and other contaminants.

Any sort of contaminates in the eyes demands a visit to your optometrist immediately, as do any blows to the eyes or pain in the eyes. Our eyes are very sensitive, so when they take any damage or have irritation, that is their way of telling us that there is something wrong. You should not ignore these symptoms to ensure that your eyes remain healthy for your lifetime. Oftentimes, damage that goes untreated causes problems later in your life that could have been easily prevented. Anything that seems unusual to you about your eye health should be brought to a doctor’s attention immediately!

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