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What You Should Know About Eyelid Problems

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Our eyes are made up of several complex systems all working in harmony to give us sight, and even the tiniest of complications within the anatomy of the eye can cause vision problems, irritation, and other annoying side effects that most of us just don’t have the time of day for.

However, eye problems don’t just include the different parts of the eye itself, but the areas around the eye as well. Eyelid problems come in a variety of different packages, from swelling to leaking and even discoloration that can leave you worried and confused.

Eyelid problems are not usually anything to lose sleep over, though. Problems with your eyelids are rarely serious, almost never life-threatening, and are, in most cases, extremely common conditions that can be easily treated.

There is much more that you should know about the many conditions that affect the eyelid. Let’s take a deeper look into a couple of different afflictions, symptoms, and how they are treated:


Swelling of the eyelids can be the result of several different conditions, from a seasonal allergy to a physical injury.

Regardless, the first step in dealing with swelling of the eyelid is to try and identify the cause. If you haven’t been hit in the eye recently, and haven’t felt any of the other signs of allergies, the cause of the swelling might be something a little more complicated.

Pinkeye, Blepharitis, and Styes are all examples of infections that can cause swelling. Additionally, it is not uncommon for those with Graves’ disease to develop Graves’ eye disease, which can cause swelling of the eye.

While infections like these require their own treatments, treating swollen eyelids specifically can be very simple. The first step is to remove your contacts if you wear them, as they can often catalyze further irritation in eyes that are already irritated.

Then, applying a cool compress for a comfortable amount of time can help reduce swelling and relieve irritation.


Droopy, tired-looking eyelids can actually be a condition referred to in the medical community as ptosis.

Ptosis involves one or both eyelids uncontrollably drooping or being hard to open. While it isn’t painful, it can block eyesight and can be an annoyance to those affected. Ptosis can also lead to the development of amblyopia during early childhood in those that are born with it.

Besides being born with it, ptosis can be contracted via damage to the nerves inside the eyelid. Certain injuries and diseases can weaken the muscles that raise and lower the eyelids, making them harder to control.

Most instances of ptosis are treated using a minor surgery in which a surgeon tightens the muscles in the eyelid to raise them, improving vision and appearance. In more severe cases, a surgeon might attach the eyelid under the eyebrow.

Besides surgery, correction of ptosis in early childhood can help improve vision as the child grows.

These are only two of the many common eyelid problems that you could experience. While most eyelid conditions are symptoms of larger diseases or injuries, it is important to take care of all aspects of your eyes, even the area surrounding them.

If you are concerned with an eyelid condition that you have, or if you are unsure how to treat a certain condition, talk to your eye doctor today, don’t wait! The time is always right to become more educated on matters that concern the health and wellness of your vision.

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