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Laser Eye Surgery Costs Too Much: What To Do Instead

Laser Eye Surgery Cost

“Laser eye surgery costs too much!” That’s a common refrain from people who need vision correction but can’t afford the steep prices of laser eye surgery. Not to mention, laser eye surgery takes time. You have to sit through surgery, schedule a ride home, and then recuperate. If you have limited paid time off, laser eye surgery may cost too much money and time. If you’re fretting about the cost and time loss that comes with a LASIK procedure (or simply can’t swing it), some alternatives cost less and are equally effective.

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While proponents of LASIK would argue that glasses and contacts are a burden, justifying the need for LASIK, millions of people around the globe disagree. Here’s why:

Prescription Glasses

Prescription glasses can correct vision in almost all cases where it has been compromised (with disease and injury being the chief exceptions). With modern eyeglass lenses, every possible pitfall has been accounted for. Progressive lenses, Polarized lenses, Polycarbonate lenses, Anti-Reflective lenses, and more, are specifically designed to give you the greatest clarity and comfort.

You can achieve the improved vision by wearing prescription glasses. Plus, prescription glasses are affordable and can be ready to wear quickly. Another positive? Glasses can be a prized fashion accessory. They’re cool. It’s hard to say that about LASIK.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are sometimes thought of as a hindrance, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a misperception that’s based on a couple of myths: one, contact lenses are uncomfortable and two, contact lenses are hard to take care of. Both are false.

Modern contact lenses are barely noticeable, improving your vision while providing lasting comfort. Contact lenses do take some care, but it’s not as challenging as it’s made out to be. In fact, besides cleaning the lens case periodically, contact lenses pop in and out, with no trouble.

If you find laser eye surgery to be too expensive, keep in mind that alternatives exist. Rather than being a burden, most people find prescription glasses and contact lenses to be effective, affordable, and beneficial. Modern design has made both glasses and contacts arguably as effective and convenient as laser eye surgery. Don’t pay a price you can’t afford and spend the time you don’t have recuperating when better options exist. Ready to improve your vision? Make an appointment at Bard Optical!


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