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Minor Eye Injury? There Is No Such Thing

Child with eye injury

It’s just a scratch! A minor bruise! Merely a flesh wound!

For some people, laughing in the face of injury is perceived as admirable. But, there’s no prize to be won in chuckling at an eye injury. Eyes are sensitive and they’re responsible for one of your most important (possibly most important) senses: sight. While a pirate in an eye-patch is a cool Halloween costume, it’s not actually cool to lose all depth perception. Eye injuries need to be taken seriously at all times. In fact, there’s no such thing as a ‘minor eye injury.’

If your eye gets injured, take the below steps and treat it like the unique case that it is:

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Get Medical Attention

First things first: if your eye is injured, seek immediate medical attention. There’s no time to delay, there’s no time to stop off for Jujyfruits, there is only time to see your doctor. There are many parts of the body that can suffer “minor” injuries. Paper cuts. Scrapes. Scratches. Bruising. The eyes are in a different category. Vision is precious and it is also fragile. What would be a “minor” scratch to a knee or elbow, could be devastating to your eyes. Left untreated, a seemingly small injury can become a grave threat to your ability to see. No matter the nature of the injury or the perceived severity, see your doctor and fast.

Follow Instructions

Once you’ve sought medical attention and the appropriate actions have been taken, you’re likely to be discharged from the hospital, checked out from the doctor’s office, or otherwise released from care. Upon your release, your doctor is going to give you instructions for care and recovery. Follow those instructions. It’s possible (though still not advised) to ignore advice on recuperating from a twisted ankle or broken finger. You can leave the home, put weight on it, and generally bend the rules. Your eyes, once again, are an exception. Follow instructions to a ‘T.’ Your eyes are too important to trifle with.

Don’t Rush It

Chances are, you’ve seen a pro athlete return from injury too quickly. A reconstructed knee, a concussion, or even internal injuries. In that world, it’s sometimes heralded as a good idea. Outside of it, rushing back from injury is rarely seen the same way. And the latter opinion is correct. If your eye is injured, listen to your doctor and make sure that you give it ample time to heal before engaging in activity that could be deemed dangerous. Your vision is so important and there’s nothing to be gained by rushing back before you’re ready.

Minor eye injury? Forget it. There are only eye injuries and they are a serious matter that deserves your attention. If you injure your eye or someone you know does, remember to seek immediate attention, follow instructions, and don’t rush your recovery. Treat your eyes nicely and they’ll treat you nicely in return.


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