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Modern Eyeglass Lenses Are Powered By Technology

Modern light adapting glasses for driving

What is it about modern glasses that make them so useful? The obvious answer would be enhanced vision. But, what else can they offer? As technology across the globe evolves, so does the technology used in eyeglass lenses. From helping transition from high to low light and vice versa to helping people stay safe while driving at night, glasses have come a long way since their inception and here are some of the best examples.

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Lenses That Adapt to the Light

When someone walks outside in the middle of the day, especially with glasses, glare is inevitable. That blinding split second could, in some cases, be dangerous. Thankfully, there are transition lenses to take care of the glare and act as a happy medium between standard glasses and sunglasses. These special eyeglass lenses create the ideal transition by darkening the lens tint based on its exposure to sunlight. This reduces harmful glare and prevents excess UV light from damaging the eyes.

Lenses Can Make Driving Safer

Some glasses are created with driving in mind. Certain types of light at night give off brighter than normal glare, including Xenon and LED headlights. Special eyeglass lenses are used to reduce the glare from these types of light to make driving at night manageable. These glasses also aid in focus on the road. Some people have trouble focusing on the road ahead due to their type of vision, but with lenses built for driving, the lenses themselves compensate for you, so that you don’t have to constantly refocus from the dashboard to the road or keep moving your eyes to keep up with everything around you.

Better Materials, Better Lenses

The material that makes up the lenses is just as important. Glass is the universal standard and very reliable for vision aid, but also have the highest chance to break under stress or force. Plastic lenses are durable and cheap, with nearly the same benefits as glass lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are the type used in protective eyewear and sports goggles. This material is highly resistant to damage and glare, while also helping with vision adjustment. Over the past 20 years, eyeglass lenses that are thinner and lighter have been in demand, resulting in high-index plastic lenses. These lenses are thin, light, cheap, and give all the benefits that their predecessors did. They also have a higher index of refraction, which is why they are so light.

Modern lenses are more powerful than they appear. Using technology to make seeing easier and to combat obstacles to clear vision (such as glare), lenses quietly offer dramatically improved vision. Modern lenses can adapt to light, cut down on glare, and are constructed using high tech materials.


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