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OMG Becky… Look… At Those Designer Frames

Collection of the latest designer frames

Millions of kids throughout history have cried out “I have to get glasses?!” in a panic and agony. For many years, wearing glasses was synonymous with low social standing. Glasses were for dorks, poindexters, and Millhouse.


But, over time, something changed. Maybe it’s celebrities like Robert Downey Jr. and Taylor Swift rocking glasses. Maybe it’s premium brands like Ray-Ban and Maui Jim offering cool and classic designer frames. Whatever it is, glasses are back – in a big way.


Finding the right pair of designer frames can be like finding your favorite t-shirt or a dress you can’t live without. It can be the accessory that takes your lukewarm outfit and sets it ablaze. Designer glasses can turn heads and make others take note of your individual style.


Here are a few of the latest designer frames that we’re gaga over:


Stillwater – Maui Jim 

Stillwater – Maui Jim

Not only do these frames fold up and again, they have the classic look you’ve been craving. Available in Antique Gold or Antique Pewter, these frames are timeless and will look good in any setting.


The Round – Ray-Ban

The Round – RayBan

Round Ray-Bans have an unmistakable retro vibe that’s fit to carry your look into the future! This particular model is a jade green that is sure to pop in any context. If you’ve been dying to find a throwback look that’s fresh to death, check these out.


Hyperlink 54 – Oakley

Hyperlink 54 – Oakley

If you’re ready for a strikingly active look, get your hands on a pair of Hyperlink 54’s. As far as designer frames go, these are prepared for anything – from hanging around the house to extreme sports.

These are a just a few of the hundreds and hundreds of designer frames available. As you can see, glasses are not only for correcting vision – they’re for boosting style. If you want to turn heads, try finding an accessory that both fixes an important health issue (your ability to see) AND sets you apart from the crowd.

Glasses aren’t for dorks. Glasses are for trendsetters.

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