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Randy Jackson Eyewear is Now at Bard Optical - Bard Optical

Randy Jackson Eyewear is Now at Bard Optical

Randy jackson wearing branded eyewear available at bard optical

Anyone who has seen Fox’s smash-hit ‘American Idol’ knows that Randy Jackson has a keen eye for talent. Displaying a preternatural talent for picking winners, Jackson burst into American homes as a man known for his sensibility and style. Randy Jackson Eyewear is his new endeavor and he is bringing that same discerning taste to designer glasses.

Randy uses his impeccable sense of style and fashion to select the best frames for men and women. With Randy Jackson Eyewear, you can look and feel your best all the time. In fact, Jackson is so passionate about helping others feel their best in their glasses, he launched the #NoExcuses campaign. #NoExcuses mean there are no excuses not to look and feel your best. #NoExcuses not to be wearing the coolest designer glasses. #NoExcuses not to get a yearly eye exam.

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Bard Optical shares those sentiments. As your community optometrist, Bard Optical believes that everybody should enjoy Vision For Life. By providing premium eye care and carrying the latest designer glasses, Bard Optical echoes Randy Jackson – there truly are #NoExcuses not to look and feel your best.

If you’re in line for a new pair of designer frames, your timing couldn’t be better. Randy Jackson Eyewear is now at Bard Optical. Featuring collections like the Randy Jackson Limited Edition Collection, the Randy Jackson Sun Collection, the Randy Jackson Signature Collection, and the original Randy Jackson Collection, there is the perfect pair of designer glasses waiting for everyone. Randy Jackson built himself into a household name in part for his ability to pick out the best. In turning that passion and effort towards eyewear, Jackson is offering only the best designs, colors, and styles.

Join Randy Jackson in his #NoExcuses campaign by using the hashtag on social media. Also, join in the conversation with Bard Optical by using the hashtag #VisionForLife. Bard Optical and Randy Jackson are the perfect fit to help bring you the designer frames you’ve been looking for.

Watch this video for more on Randy Jackson’s #NoExcuses campaign and the mind behind your new favorite frames:

There are #NoExcuses not to visit Bard Optical soon!

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