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Save Your Vision Month: Why You Need A Yearly Eye Exam

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It’s Save Your Vision Month and the message is simple: you need a yearly eye exam.

Getting a comprehensive vision exam each year is a critical part of your health care regimen. Without it, you’re missing out on ways to maintain and improve your vision. What’s more, you could be missing even bigger health issues that an optometrist can help detect during your vision exam.

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Here are a few things to consider about the importance of getting a yearly eye exam:

Vision is Vital

Your vision is a key component of your health. Vision keeps people safe on the roads, it helps them enjoy their favorite entertainment, and it makes navigating the world easier. Poor vision is directly connected to a lower quality of life and a more challenging day-to-day experience. While all aspects of your health are important, vision can make a dramatic difference in your life. Ignoring the health of your eyes is a mistake and one that’s easy to avoid. Use Save Your Vision Month to, well, save your vision.

Catch What You Can’t See

Worsening vision can be gradual and hard to detect without the help of a licensed doctor of optometry. Conditions like glaucoma and cataracts can conspire to steal your vision, which is why a yearly eye exam is so important. You can see your eyes, but you can’t see what’s affecting them. Your eye doctor has the tools and expertise necessary to view the outside and inside of your eyes and make a determination about what’s happening and what needs to be done to address it.

Window to Your Health

You may walk in for an eye exam and walk out with a referral to your general practitioner or a medical specialist. While the saying goes ‘the eyes are the window to the soul,’ they are truly the window to your health. By examining your eyes, your optometrist can detect the underlying health issues that could be contributing to the compromised vision. You may find that you likely have diabetes during your eye exam. That information can be critical to getting the treatment you need as soon as possible. In the course of saving your eyes, you could be saving your overall health.

Save Your Vision Month is the ideal time to set an appointment to see your optometrist. Your eyes can reveal a great deal about your health. With a simple vision exam, you can learn more about your overall health and your optometrist can prescribe remedies for any and all vision problems you may be experiencing. If you’re unsure of when your last eye exam was, set an appointment today.


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