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Shaquille O’Neal Eyewear is Larger Than Life

Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal is big. Did you notice? In case it slipped past you, Shaq helpfully donned these monikers over the years: The Big Aristotle, The Big Daddy, The Big Shaqtus, The Big Banana, The Big Agave, The Big Shamrock, The Big eQuotatious, The Big Galactus, The Big Felon, The Big Field General, The Big Maravich, The Big Conductor, The Big IPO, The Big Baryshnikov, The Big Leprechaun, and The Big Twitterer. Standing at 7′ 1″ and weighing in around 300 pounds, the Big Diesel is a large man that made an even larger impact in the world of sports, entertainment, and now – eyewear.


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Shaquille O’Neal Eyewear embodies everything that Shaq stands for. Namely, it’s BIG, in both style and substance. What makes Shaq’s line of designer glasses larger than life?


Big Style

Shaq has been a low-key style icon for years. Now, Shaq’s impeccable fashion sense is on full display. Shaquille O’Neal Eyewear boasts BIG style and is designed for those in the know. Shaq’s line even includes designer frames for larger men who want to flex their fashion muscles like Shaq himself. For those looking for glasses that are both sporty and fit for the boardroom, Shaq’s designer frames are it.


Big Vision

Shaq’s line of designer glasses has a BIG vision: bringing athleisure to all. Athleisure is the fashion principle that you can marry athletics and leisure to great effect. They’re designed to be both comfortable and high-performance. Nobody should have to worry about their eyewear holding up to their diverse lifestyle. Shaquille O’Neal Eyewear boasts sturdy construction, to handle whatever you throw at it.


Big Statement

Tired of your current look? Worried you get lost in the crowd? Shaquille O’Neal Eyewear can help you stand out. With lines like Shaquille O’Neal Signature and Shaquille O’Neal Squad, you’ll find designer glasses that fit your lifestyle, amplify your personal style, and set you apart. If you look in the mirror, see your glasses, and sigh, it’s time for a change. Consider the BIG statement that Shaq’s line of glasses makes.


Ready to live larger? Check out Shaquille O’Neal Eyewear. Like Shaq, these glasses offer BIG style, BIG vision, and make a BIG statement. When you hear the name ‘Shaq’ you think of a cultural icon that took an NBA career and turned it into a multi-faceted journey filled with athletics, music, movies, law enforcement, and more! Now, Shaq has a line of designer glasses that is fit to bear his name. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be larger than life!



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