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Start Using These 10 Vision Care Tips Today

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Are you taking care of your eyes? Below, you’ll find 10 vision care tips that you can start using today! While maintaining and improving your vision is a lifelong process (that calls for help from your optometrist), it helps to have a few things that you can start now. Keep the below in mind and start taking better care of your vision:

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1. Schedule an Eye Exam

Good vision care starts with an annual (or more frequent) visit to your optometrist! Eye exams are quick, painless, and provide you with a wealth of information about your health. Your eye doctor is trained to help you maintain and improve your vision. Getting an eye exam is an easy way to identify any issues you may be having and start on a fix! If you don’t have an exam scheduled, do it today!

2. Wear Sunglasses Outdoors

You’re welcome to wear them indoors, too! But, no matter what, wear sunglasses when you spend any time outside. The sun’s UV rays can be damaging to your eyes and the solution is simple: wear your awesome shades! Even when the sun isn’t clearly visible, or during seasons not known for sun (looking at you, winter), it’s still important to wear them. UV rays are sneaky like that.

3. Don’t Touch Your Eyes

As a general rule, try not to touch your eyes. When eyes itch or water during allergy season, it can be tempting to rub them in an attempt to get relief. The same holds true for when you detect a foreign object in your eye or your eyes simply feel fatigued. Unfortunately, touching or rubbing your eyes in any of those scenarios will only make things worse and irritate them further. Resist the urge.

4. Wear Eye Protection

Do you work a job where projectiles are present? Do you play a contact sport? Do you plan to be near any chemicals? If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of those prompts, you should be wearing eye protection. Remembering to pop on your safety goggles or glasses can prevent serious eye injury. Sure, they can be cumbersome, but protecting your eyesight is paramount.

5. Do Light Exercise

You can reap the benefits of exercise even if you take it relatively easy. People shy away from physical activity because they fear it’s too intense. But, even if you commit to walking around the block a few times each week, you can see health benefits! You don’t need to compete in the CrossFit Open to improve your overall health. Exercise is even good for your eyes!

6. Keep Your Eyes Clean

Keeping your eyes clean can apply to a number of things. For example, your contact lenses. If you wear contacts, it’s important to follow directions, keeping both your lenses and lens case clean. Also, if you wear eye makeup, make sure that you both apply and remove it properly. Being diligent about the cleanliness of things that go near your eyes can pay off big time.

7. Stay Away From Smoke

The research is in and it turns out, smoke is not great for your vision. While quitting smoking is easier said than done, that’s step number 1 in staying away from smoke. But, secondhand smoke can have an effect as well. If you find yourself hanging around areas where smoke is often in the air, consider spending more time elsewhere. Smoke can do considerable damage to your vision.

8. Take a Screen Break

Screens are everywhere! From crashing on the couch, watching TV, to sitting in front of a computer all day, eyes rarely get the break they need. Consider taking a break from screens every 20 minutes. Even if you’re just fixating on something in the distance before turning your attention back to your TV or computer (or smartphone or tablet) it can make a difference and help you avoid fatigue.

9. Eat Healthier Foods

File this one under ‘easier said than done,’ too. But, modifying your diet is an easy way to boost your vision care. Start small, today, by replacing something on your plate with fresh produce. The more color your product has, the better it likely is. Try eating dark greens or bright citrus fruits. Working more foods like that into your diet will help you feel better and help your vision.

10. Get Plenty of Sleep

This one should be the easiest of all to follow: sleep more. That’s it! It sounds too good to be true, but logging an hour or more in bed can help your overall health. Eyes can become tired and strained. The best medicine? Rest. Try to get on a consistent sleep schedule and stick to it. It’s good for your health and great for your tired eyes!

You can start taking better care of your vision today! Follow the above tips and start treating your eyes nicely.

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