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Sunglasses Keep Your Eyes Safe from UV Rays

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Spending time in the sun can be great! But, it also comes with a handful of dangers. With sunshine, comes damaging UV rays. That can cause serious sunburn. While suntan lotion can account for much of your exposed body, it’s important not to forget your eyes! Your eyes can be harmed by the sun’s rays and that’s why it’s important to always wear your shades.

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Summer is a time for vacations, cooking out, tanning, and many other fantastic activities done under the sun. But, there’s a catch: while the body is soaking up rays from the sun, so are the eyes. As harmless as this may sound, it can have serious side effects in the future if you don’t properly protect your eyes, even year-round. To help decrease the chances that your vision rapidly worsens later in life, it’s important to make sure that your eyes are covered – literally. Wearing a pair of stylish shades is your best option for making sure your eyes are never straining too much under the sun.

Wearing sunglasses when you outside ensure the wearer doesn’t take in too much HEV (high-energy visible) light. Wrap-around shades are the best, as they block out the most stray light and ensure nearly full protection from harmful rays. But, any pair of sunglasses can benefit the wearer tremendously. HEV rays, specifically UV rays, penetrate the lens of the eye and produce lasting damage to vision. Children are especially susceptible to UV light, as they are younger and have clearer lenses in their eyes than adults, allowing light to travel farther.

As children spend so much time outside, they benefit from sunglasses as much, if not more, than adults. Some studies indicate that half of a person’s lifetime UV radiation is absorbed by the age of 18, putting their eyes at risk as well. By wearing sunglasses, children are able to protect themselves from the massive amount of sunlight they take in all the time. Adults, as well, should be aware of the dangers the sun can have on their eyesight and invest in sunglasses to ensure they never regret their time in the summer sun.

Spending time outside in the sun is a fantastic way to spend the day… with the right protection! Don’t let UV rays spoil an otherwise great time. Keep your glasses on and block that HEV light out. Once your eyes are safe, you can get back to focusing on hot dogs, fireworks, and fun!


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