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What’s The Trend in 2019? The Latest Sunglasses Styles You Need to Know

Latest Sunglasses Styles 2019

Trends can be fleeting.

What’s popular one year may not be in style the next, and it seems that manufacturers are locked in a perpetual race to beat the competition to the new trend.

This is good news for consumers because it means we constantly have the option to jump on the latest trends and fill our closets with the best and brightest in fashion.

The same can be said for our eyes, as well.

Between eyeglass frames and sunglasses having their own distinct styles and market, it’s no wonder that the race to create the next sunglass fad is on in 2019.

Here are some of the latest trends of 2019 that will have you turning heads this summer.


Sunglasses With Chains

This first sunglass trend isn’t even about the sunglasses, but instead an unlikely accessory that’s found its way onto the frames.

Chains of all shapes and sizes are being used to accentuate different styles of sunglasses, and really make a statement.

The best part is, a lot of people are using detachable chains that you can swap to any pair of glasses, so you can take control of your style and customize your favorite pair of shades exactly how you want.


Hexagon Lenses

Over the years, trendy sunglasses have come in all shapes and sizes.

From the distinct oval shape of aviators to square shades and even heart-shaped sunglasses, the latest fads never seem to disappoint.

2019’s oddly shaped trend is the hexagon lens. With Ray-Ban jumping on board this trend in early 2019, you can be sure to see plenty of people rocking these uniquely shaped masterpieces this summer.


Cat-Eye Lenses

What’s a summer trend without a little blast from the past?

Kick-off summer with a pair of bold cat-eye sunglasses. Just looking at these frames will make you think you’ve time-traveled back to the ’80s, and people are going crazy for them!

Not only are these thick-rimmed retro shades a statement, but they also come in a smattering of wild and crazy colors like cherry, bright white, and even leopard print.


Visor and Shield Sunglasses

This last trend can help you stay stylish in a variety of different situations.

Whether you want to protect yourself during a ski outing, or make a bold statement at the mall, visored sunglasses are a bold and confident way to keep up with the trends this summer.

Visored and shielded sunglasses, unlike regular sunglasses, are made out of one solid piece of material, with a large area of protection around your eyes, and an area of protection over the bridge of your nose.

These strong-looking shades are for those who want to make a statement!

Whether you want to keep it classy and subtle with a nice pair of hexagons or stand out of the crowd with the sleek and retro cat-eyes and bold visors, 2019 is sure to be your year with a brand new pair of sunglasses.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Jump on board the trends this year, and find the style for yourself this summer that makes you feel as good as you look!

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