In Style: The Eyewear Trends Poised to Take Over the New Year

For those with vision problems, glasses are a regular part of life. But they can be more than something that helps you see. Here are some of the latest eyewear trends for 2020.

Clear Frames

Frames made of clear plastic have become a new trend in recent memory that will carry through 2020. They can be colorless or lightly tinted. They’re a great option for those looking for a more understated look.

Tortoise Shell Glasses

It’s a classic look making a comeback. The new trend of tortoise shell glasses comes in a variety of color palettes to match the skin tone and hair of the wearer.

Gold Metal

Frames made in thin, golden metal are understated, yet send a clear message. They’re delicate, elegant, and match well with every outfit, from office wear to more quirkier clothing.

Over-Sized Square Glasses

It’s a universal truth in fashion that what was once trendy will come around again years later. For glasses, the square frames of the 70s and 80s are making a comeback. They can either be true square or with more rounded shapes. They’re bold, oversized nature makes them fantastic statement pieces.

Aviator Glasses

This style once used to be reserved purely for sunglasses, but it has officially moved into the realm of prescriptions. Notable for the extra bar above the bridge, it’s a retro look that’s instantly recognizable. And now you can wear them even without the sun.

Round Frames

These frames may not be complete circles, but they’re not very far off. They’re often chunky, colorful, and may give off “Harry Potter” vibes. Pick smaller frames for something more understated and larger ones if you want to go bold.

Cat Eyes

Another retro eyewear look that’s made a comeback is straight out of the 1950s. Whether it’s an homage to “Grease,” cat-eye glasses give an extra bit of sass. You can go with pink if you’d like a more classic style or more neutral colors to bring it in the modern era.

Semi-Rimless Glasses

Also called clubmaster or browline, these glasses consist of a chunky frame above the eyes and a more understated wire frame underneath. They’re both practical and fashionable and a standout in the world of eyewear fashion.

Slim Frames

If going bold and over the top isn’t your cup of tea, you can always try a more elegant approach with slim-framed glasses, straight out of the 90s. You could go for rectangles or something a bit more rounded. It’s a lesser trend in comparison to the rest, but it’s perfect for a classier feel. But don’t forget to make sure they cover your full field of vision.

Flat Top Frames

These frames were popularized alongside the athleisure trend. They feature a straight brow line above the eyes. They’re a particular favorite with men and are ideal for round, oval, or oblong shaped faces.

With such a giant variety of trends to choose from, there’s something for everyone’s sense of style to keep you both looking and looking good.