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The First 3 Things You Need to Do For an Injured Eye

Woman with eye injury

If you were to come across a situation where someone (or yourself) had an injured eye, would you know what to do? What sorts of measures should you take to ensure you can keep sight in the injured eye? Many people don’t know the proper safety precautions for injured eyes, but there are a few things that everyone should be aware of. Here are the first three things you should do for an eye injury.

Call 9-1-1, or a medical professional

Depending on the severity of the eye injury, you may need to seek medical attention to ensure your sight has not been affected. For injuries that have taken place directly to the eye, not just the surrounding area, you should call emergency services to have the eye examined closely. Some injuries do not require such actions, but it is preferable if you inform your physician about the incident when it happens. This can ensure that you get the correct attention upon your next visit.


Use a cold compress

For eye injuries that affect the surrounding tissue, such as under the eye or the eyelid, it may be beneficial to use a cold compress to reduce swelling. This can help the eye to heal faster. For injuries that are direct to the eye, follow our first suggestion by contacting a physician about the injury to get medical advice. However, you should NEVER apply pressure to an injury on or near the eye. This can inhibit the healing process, and perhaps cause more damage to the eye than what was originally done.


Examine the eye

It’s important to examine your eye and the surrounding area for damage, and possibly debris that may be in the injury. Examining the eye is important to determine what kind of intervention may be needed to treat the affected area. For example, a cut on the area around the eye may require stitches, and a laceration directly to the eye requires IMMEDIATE medical intervention. This can also help to determine the kind of damage the eye or affected tissue sustained. However, all eye injuries should be treated seriously, as the eyes are delicate organs.

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